Mobile & Desktop SEO: Different Results, Different Content Strategies

What is the difference between mobile and desktop SEO? Many businesses usually use the same approach for both. After all, since you already have desktop SEO efforts put in place, why will you do mobile SEO separately? Sadly, following this kind of approach might lead to dismal results. Desktop SEO and mobile SEO are two completely different entities, and because of their unique natures, you need to handle them differently as well.

SEO Result Differences on Desktop and Mobile

Among the reasons that make mobile different from desktop is that search results for mobile appear on smartphones in a different way from those on desktop browser. For example, local results usually get more priority in mobile SEO. The result is that there is a higher chance for Google Places listings to appear higher in the mobile search results than they normally appear in desktop search results.

It means that if you are a local business, it is important to make sure that you optimize business and local listings. Depending on your situation, you might even find it essential to use geo-modified keywords. This technique, by comparison, can conflict with the conventional desktop SEO techniques.

Mobile sites also have different standards because of differing user experience. Google recently placed more importance on mobile friendly sites. When you opt to ignore these parameters, your site will suffer in its ranks in search results.

Keyword Use on Desktop and Mobile Searches

As for optimizing the text on desktop site, an SEO company will usually focus more on the use of keyword-rich content for communicating the relevance of the page to search engines. Search on mobile works in a different way. The truth is that most mobile users don’t even search with the use of keywords at all. Thanks to the rise of the mobile first search modes like Voice Search, mobile users don’t even have to go to Google or Yahoo home page for typing their query.

Effect of Search Engine Ranking Algorithms

The mobile searches make use of completely different algorithms for search engine ranking compared to desktop searches. The goal of these different algorithms is to provide better mobile user experience. It means that if you depend on tried and tested desktop SEO strategies that worked well for your desktop site in the past, chances are you don’t work nearly as well for your mobile site, if you do at all, because of these differences.

When it comes to mobile SEO, remember that intent is usually different in desktop search and mobile search. It is often related to the kinds of information the person looks for at a certain moment. Aside from the use of different keywords, mobile searchers will usually have totally different context when they enter search terms.

If you are still confused with the differences between desktop SEO and mobile SEO, and you have no idea how to handle these differences for your SEO strategies, the best thing to do is work with a professional SEO company that can help you in leverage the opportunities offered by desktop and mobile search alike.

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