Most Common SEO Mistakes That Hurt Your Ranking On Google

Everyone wants their business, website or blog to rank in the top results of Google. People apply different kinds of strategies to do it and as Google doesn’t directly disclose how its search algorithm works, there are all kinds of theories. Below we will talk about one of the most definite SEO mistakes that many experts believe to be true. Let’s start!

Common SEO Mistakes to Avoid

1. Not Creating a Google My Business Profile

Maybe you thought it doesn’t matter much or you forgot to set up one, this will cost you. Because Google rely on Google My Business to give localized search results especially in search terms like “something near me” or “something New York”. So, if you create a profile there, your business will have more probability to rank well in localized searches.

2. Duplicated Google My Business Listings

This is the opposite side of the above point. Some think that listing their website twice or more on Google My Business will rank it even higher. Well, it’s suffice to say here that Google doesn’t like to be tricked.

3. No Unique Title Tags and Descriptions for Each Page

For the search engine crawler to identify your website and all of its pages, they need to have their own identity. In a website’s case, the title and meta-description is its identity. It makes each page unique and easy to crawl (hence rank).

4. Duplicated Content & SEO

Google loves authenticity and if your website has plagiarized content in large quantity, it would not be a surprise to see that it won’t get ranked well.

You should note that even if you get original content, but if you use it multiple times in the same website or in other websites of yours (if you have PBN), then for Google, it’s plagiarism too.

5. Hard to Navigate

If the categories in the website are messed up and there’s no concrete way to go from one page to another, Google will notice this and will not rank it altogether or even if its ranks your website, it won’t be in the first page.

Moreover, if your website doesn’t have proper contact information, it’s ranking will suffer.

6. Not Publishing New Content Regularly

One of Google’s priority is to show the most recent and valuable search results. So, if your content is old, it may get listed but under some of the better and recent content of other websites.

The takeaway here is to keep posting new content that is interesting and serves a real purpose.

7. Not Promoting Content On Social Media

Social media and SEO go hand in hand. A good social media profile helps you perform better on search engines and better SEO leads to more social media promotion (through social media sharing buttons). So, keep posting on social media and if you can, use paid advertising.

8. Slow Website Speed

If your website takes long to load, its Google ranking will not improve. Because Google and other search engines (Bing, Yahoo) encourage fast websites and rank them above slower ones.

There are many other mistakes, but these are the most common ones. We hope you don’t make them again.

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