Get the Most From Your Marketing Efforts this Fall

It’s almost fall ya’ll! That means the holiday shopping season is fast approaching. You can bet some overachievers are already on a quest to find the perfect gifts. So don’t wait any longer to begin your holiday campaign planning. Here are 5 ways to help you make the most of the golden quarter!

5 Ways to Improve Your Fall Marketing Efforts

1. Seasonal design

Give your homepage, emails, and all your marketing collateral a holiday vibe with personalized designs that signal to your customers, “It’s time to start shopping!” Think about your color scheme and imagery and how you can make it fit on brand while still being seasonal in design. Including holiday sale banners on your website or adding autumn-inspired designs to your emails are great ways to get people excited about the upcoming season and your brand!

2. Fall video campaigns

It’s the elephant in the room. 64% of consumers said watching marketing videos on Facebook has influenced a purchase decision. Remember, creating a video doesn’t have to be scheduling a huge expensive video shoot. What matters is how the video makes customers feel and how it influences actionable behaviors. How can you create a video script that can influence purchasing decisions this fall?

3. Social media

Fall holiday flash deals and social giveaways are a great way to keep your audience engaged on your feeds while also attracting new followers. This fall, focus on what will speak to your audience in terms of conversation. How can you have a conversation with followers that will interest and engage them in return?

4. Encourage user-generated content (UGC)

“Take a photo of yourself using our product and use the hashtag…” “If you tag us in a picture using our product, you could win…” You get the idea! It’s fun, it’s a great call to action, engages your customers, builds loyalty, and spreads the word about your brand in an organic way. Plus, you can always ask customers for permission to use their images – think how good those UGC graphics could look sprinkled in your feed!

5. Fall Email Blasts

Email … and then email again! Don’t forget timing is crucial. Keep the value upfront. If you are running a campaign for customers who order before 2 pm EST to get FREE overnight shipping, send the email before, during, and around the time your sale is about to end. The thought of missing out on a great sale is a powerful way to get some last-minute sales boosts!

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