How to Target + Retain Repeat Customers

Knowing your audience is extremely important in your marketing strategy and effectiveness. Marketing efforts that are targeted to speak to a 50-year-old male in California who likes dogs will be different from targeted efforts that speak to a 25-year-old female in New York who likes cats. That said, it’s important to look at both demographics and psychographics when creating your marketing strategy.

Which Factors Go Into The  Target + Retain Process?


Demographics consist of factual data. Things like age, gender, marital status, education, occupation, income, make up the different demographic groups. Demographics can help determine certain spending habits and ways they prefer to consume media.


Psychographics are lifestyle qualities including interests, attitudes, goals, and personal beliefs/values. Psychographic factors can help predict customer habits and pinpoint fears and challenges your customers may face with your product or service.

Both demographics and psychographics are important when it comes to your targeting and retaining strategy because purchasing habits and decisions are guided by both demographic and psychographic factors.

Creating a Perfect Target + Retain Strategy

A lot of times when we talk about retaining past customers, people think of paid ads. However, there are many other ways you can continue building relationships with your customers well after they’ve purchased your product or service. Here are some of our favorites.

Email Marketing

Automated emails are a must these days. Customers expect to get post-purchase emails letting them know that you’ve received their order or appointment request. However, automated emails can also surprise and delight your customers. Thanking them for their purchase or support or sending a birthday email with a coupon code are great examples. Sites like MailChimp and HubSpot make it easy to automate emails, so all you have to do is set them up with meaningful and intentional content and let the automation process work its magic! Take a look at some of these automated emails that may work for your business:

Abandoned cart emails: don’t forget to set up abandoned cart emails! It’s such a great way to remind your customers and retain the purchase. 

Automated follow up emails: once you’ve sent a campaign, you can set up automated emails as a follow up to customers. You can customize the trigger – for example, maybe they clicked the previous campaign, opened it, etc.).

A/B testing: learn more about your audience with A/B testing! Test two different versions of content/email/imagery and see which one gets more engagement.

Social Media Advertising to Target + Retain Customers

It’s important to look at your audience insights before creating an ad strategy. However, ads are a powerful tool for targeting who you want, when you want, how you want. When you are in front of a potential customer, you are expanding your brand awareness and leading possible customers down the sales funnel, hopefully to purchase and retain.

Burn pixel may be a good investment as well. Burn pixel is a plugin that you can purchase that will track what product your customer already bought. Since your customer already bought that product, burn pixel may show them other products but won’t keep showing them the same product they have already purchased over and over.

Connect With Customers

An easy way to connect with your customers and better understand how they are feeling about your business is to send out a survey. MailChimp and SurveyMonkey are a couple of survey platforms we have used in the past to build relationships with customers and really get to know their pain points and challenges as well as what they like about your brand. With this information you can provide better service or improve your products.

Of course, depending on your business, you can always give your customers a personal call as well. Hopping in a call will allow you to build a better relationship but you can also have the opportunity to better understand your customer and what other products or services may suit their needs. 

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