What to Expect During the Symboliq Social Media Intake Process

Marketing experts agree that social media is one of the most crucial communication channels for businesses today. It’s vital that your social profiles are functioning correctly and up-to-date, which can be overwhelming with so many different digital channels to manage.

That’s where Symboliq Media comes in! We’re a leading social media management agency that will take care of all of your social accounts and help you establish an online presence on the ever-changing social media landscape. Here we’ll discuss what our intake process looks like and how it benefits you as a business owner!

Looking Ahead: Why Social Media is So Important for Businesses

A recent study found that about half of business executives increased their social media marketing budgets for 2022 and expect them to double in the next three years. The survey gives insight into how vital social media is for businesses. There are many advantages of using social media marketing for your company, including:

Connect With Customers

Social media allows you to connect with your customers on a personal level. You can share photos, videos, and posts about new products or services that you’re offering. This type of interaction lets people understand what your company is all about in an authentic way!

Easily Measurable ROI

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter offer analytics tools that allow businesses to track their performance in real-time, so they know what works well for them and where improvements need to be made moving forward.

Increase Visibility

As we’ve seen, social media is a powerful conversation tool – but it’s also a powerful sales tool too. Social media is a strategic way to automate lead generation and increase visibility to a more extensive targeted audience base.

Improve Customer Service

Social media is another platform that allows businesses to provide great customer service. Replying to customers and answering DMs can improve your level of customer service and turn unhappy customers into happy customers.

5 Key Steps to Our Social Media Process

Symboliq Media uses a targeted, multilayer approach to help companies harness the power of an active social audience and be rewarded for their efforts. 

Your audience is your brand fuel and a key touchpoint for conversion. Our process keeps you present, purposeful, and consistent on all social channels, so you start turning scrollers into followers and followers into customers.

Our social media specialists are award-winning experts in the art of social voice and visually appealing imagery. We’re constantly digging into relevant trends, hashtags, and new strategies daily to keep you connected to your audience on every platform.

Social Media Research

We begin by creating a primary audience profile based upon what we know about your current consumer base. This profile can include general demographics, lifestyle interests, social media behavior, and any additional information you can share with our team regarding current and past customers. What drives them to engage on social and convert to purchase? 

Part of our research process also includes examining key competitors’ social media profiles to determine what of their approaches might resonate with your audience.

Content Creation

With your audience profile, we move into content creation. Our designers are experts in crafting visually appealing designs to stop absent-minded scrolling. 

Similarly, our creative copywriters caption strategically to match your audience’s voice and appeal to each unique social platform. Captions also incorporate researched hashtags with every post of interest to your audience and relevant to your brand.

Strategic Scheduling

Even something seemingly simple as scheduling your posts requires forethought and detailed research! If you want to make an impact. When content is not planned with a strategic approach, it will get lost in social feeds.

We will strategically schedule posts to return the highest possible reach, impressions, and engagement.

Performance Tracking

Each month, we track client performance to understand audience engagement better, identify patterns, and review top-performing content. Our team uses a mixture of social analytics and google analytics to determine engagement levels track your insights, impressions, and conversions. This information allows us to constantly revise our approach as needed for content, post scheduling, hashtags, design, etc., to ensure the highest level of return.

Ad Strategy Development

We believe strongly in the power of social advertising. Once we’ve determined what types of content resonate well with your audience, we highly recommend exploring an ad strategy for continued growth and conversion. We are versed in: Facebook + Instagram ads, Google Ad Words, Google display, OTT advertising, geofencing, and more.

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