Growing Revenue with Symboliq’s Multi-Location Reporting & Social Media Management Software

Symboliq, a leading marketing agency in St. Charles, IL, specializes in providing innovative solutions to help businesses achieve their digital marketing goals. In 2021, the Symboliq team began working with multi-location businesses. Meaning, businesses or franchises with multiple locations across the United States. Multiple location businesses need powerful software tools to be able to view big-picture marketing efforts as well as individual location performance.

With a comprehensive suite of tools and services, Symboliq offers its clients a multi-location reporting and social media management dashboard. This blog will highlight the success of Symboliq’s dashboard in assisting clients with multiple locations, like Fully Promoted, a franchise group with over 165 locations, in enhancing online visibility, brand consistency, and overall marketing performance.

Our Unique Multi-Location Dashboard

Depending on our client’s needs on a large scale, we offer a dashboard with over 250 products we can customize to offer a unique solution. Our software allows for enhanced brand consistency, comprehensive reporting, and revenue growth.

“It’s about how we can help our partners be seen and heard online better, quicker, and easier, giving them a proper dashboard for analytics and letting them really understand it. Having that collaboration really builds partnerships,” says Randy Blakeslee, Co-Founder of Symboliq.

Fully Promoted Multi-Location Case Study

Fully Promoted sought a solution that would enable them to streamline their digital marketing efforts across their numerous locations. They wanted to:

  • Monitor and analyze the performance of individual locations as well as the brand as a whole.
  • Maintain brand consistency across all locations.
  • Gain insights into social media campaigns and optimize their effectiveness.
  • Establish a unique, consistent voice and messaging strategy.
  • Access a user-friendly dashboard that would provide comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Symboliq’s multi-location reporting and social media management dashboard offered Fully Promoted a robust suite of features tailored to their specific needs. Let’s explore the key components of the solution.

Comprehensive Multi-Location Reporting

The dashboard provided Fully Promoted with detailed analytics on various key performance indicators (KPIs). This allowed them to track the overall brand performance and compare the performance of individual locations. The reports covered metrics such as social media engagement and lead generation, providing valuable insights on marketing efforts.

Brand Consistency

Symboliq’s dashboard facilitated brand consistency across all Fully Promoted locations. The platform offered bulk scheduling for social media posts, ensuring consistent branding elements and messaging across various locations. This helped to strengthen their brand identity and maintain a cohesive customer experience.

Social Media Management

The dashboard integrated social media management tools, allowing Fully Promoted to efficiently manage their social media presence. They could schedule and publish posts, monitor social media interactions, and engage with their audience across different platforms – all from one dashboard. The tools also provided performance metrics for data-driven improvements.

Listing Sync Pro Features

Symboliq implemented a powerful tool that ensures accurate and consistent local business listings across the internet. With the ever-increasing importance of online search, it is crucial for businesses to maintain a strong, local online presence.

The Results

Overall, Symboliq’s multi-location reporting and social media management dashboard delivered significant results for Fully Promoted, enabling them to achieve their digital marketing objectives. Enhanced visibility, improved brand consistency, streamlined social media strategies, and data-driven decision-making were achieved. Take a look at some of the numbers Fully Promoted saw across the board in just 10 months.

Growing Revenue with Symboliq's Multi-Location Reporting & Social Media Management Software

Additionally, Symboliq’s collaborative approach fostered a strong partnership with Fully Promoted. Symboliq worked closely with Fully Promoted, understanding their unique needs and goals, and tailored the dashboard accordingly. This level of collaboration resulted in a customized solution that truly met Fully Promoted’s requirements and contributed to their success.

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