The SEO Benefits Of Developing A Solid Site Structure

There are tons of factors that affect the visibility of a website. Oftentimes, most website owners emphasize on links, content, and some optimization factors that affect the ranking status, popularity, and authenticity of a website. However, there’s an area in which people overlook and that’s the structure of their website. Most of you tend to ignore the fact that the structure of a website is as essential as the design and content of your site.

The structure of the website will determine the accessibility of all provided information in the website. A simple navigation will help users find the details they’re looking for in your website without exerting too much effort. It is also an important factor for the ranking of the website for the reason that search engines crawl through numerous websites and webpages to shortlist websites that are simple to access and have relevant information to provide the user’s best interest. Always ensure that your user doesn’t need to dig in too deep when finding what they’re searching for in the website. A website that is well-organized deserve both by search engines and users.

Types of Site Structure

Basically, there are types of site structure and these include deep and flat. The deep site structure has a lot of links and would take much time to access the content wherein flat site structure has minimal number of the clicks to access any content. It’s advisable that every website that has less than thousands of webpages, all contents must be accessible in just 4 clicks. On the other hand, flat site structure offers ease to search engines when indexing and finding your website. Users will only need to browse limited links to find the best content. This also increases the engagement rate of the website.

Site Map and Easy Navigation for Solid Site Structure

If you’re wondering on how to achieve solid site structure, you should pay importance to site map and easy navigation. Try organizing your theme, content, and categories of your site and make your site map accordingly. Never rush on making your navigation. You have to make a top-level one that may hold every detailed content page comfortably.

Nowadays, site maps are using XML technology for easy access through search engines. XML sitemap provides a list of the URLs on your website and you may submit them to every search engine. You may submit URL to search the pages that you want to get crawled.

The Bottom Line

All in all, you have to remember that SEO isn’t just about links and content. The visibility of a website depends on various factors and if you want to create a solid site structure, invests some intelligence, efforts, time, and energy.

If there are two things that you must always bear in mind, it is ensuring that your website is easily accessible to your users and making your website easily understood by search engines while they’re crawling through tons of pages.

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