Common WordPress Form Mistakes that are Hurting Your Conversions

WordPress websites are one of the best assets your business could ever have, especially when used with a well laid out plan. Contact forms play a crucial role when it comes to converting site viewers into potential leads. When used properly, these could increase the conversion rates of your website and boost your profits. But, make even the smallest mistake, and it could hurt your conversions more than what you think.

What are these common mistakes you have to avoid when it comes to making your contact forms?

Common WordPress Form Mistakes That May Be Hurting Your Conversions

Too Much or Too Little Queries

You have to avoid having a lot of queries, while too little of it may lead to some serious problems. It is never good to get incomplete information from someone who contacted you with a purpose. That is why you need to put the right columns for getting all the information you need. For the usual questions related to your blog or those that point mistakes in your content, you will need columns of email address and name of the person who gets in touch with you. You have to stick to the middle ground between fewer and excess queries. The optimum amount of queries can give you better contact forms.

Unsafe and Unsecure Contact Forms

You can never guarantee that form submissions are not going to be intercepted between the server and the browser. However, when the communication happens through HTTPS which calls for valid SSL certificates, risk is reduced to almost none. Even when your form doesn’t accept passwords or payments, the privacy of your customer is always important. The use of HTTPS respects this privacy while preventing your website from earning the label of being unsecure, something that doesn’t look good at all.

Not Mobile Friendly Contact Form

It is a must for your contact form to be mobile friendly. Now more than ever, a non-mobile friendly designer is no longer seen as acceptable by both search engine ranking algorithm and the users. It is a must to use a mobile-friendly form builder. Your development process must always include cross-browser testing with the use of special tools. It is never enough to just check on your personal phone or shrink the browser window.

No Turnaround Time for Response

The last but definitely the most common mistake when it comes to WordPress contact forms is something that almost everyone made in their lifetime. You have prepared a striking and stunning contact form which adheres to all the standards of a visually appealing contact form. But, there is one mistake that can hurt your conversion in the most hideous way, and it is none other than the deadline for the response. Since you are urging your viewers to raise their questions, it is only polite for you to tell them about the turnaround time for your reply or they will still continue to ask you the same question again and again, or worse, they might just leave your site for good. This is not something you would want to happen, and the best way to avoid it is by mentioning the deadline.

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