Online Marketing Tips for Your Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 presented a lot of unpredicted challenges in the business world.

COVID-19 presented a lot of unpredicted challenges in the business world. Although social distancing is a means of prevention to avoid the spread of the virus, many businesses have been tight on customers or had to close in response. But from a marketing standpoint, even in the midst of a pandemic, there are actions you can take to keep your business afloat and continue reaching your customers.Stay Positive During COVID-19Our biggest piece of advice? Stay positive and view this unique circumstance as an opportunity to slow down and focus on where your business is at. Use this opportunity to get your business where you want it to be online and in doing so, you will take it heads above your competition.

Keep reading for our Online Marketing Tips for Your Business During COVID-19. If you’re looking for more information on how you can market your business online, be sure to schedule a free consultation with our digital marketing expert, Randy Blakeslee to discuss what makes your business unique, your goals, your current strategies, and how your business can be improved online.

Online Marketing Tips for Your Business During COVID-19

Adapt To The Situation – As A Company

Many businesses are being forced to move to remote servicing. Are you one of them? Were you prepared? If not, it’s imperative for your business to adapt to the situation and offer services to customers online, however you can. Identify the possible challenges your customers might face during the current crisis and brainstorm ways to overcome those challenges as a business.

For example, Blue Goose, one of our local grocery stores, recently updated their website to offer pick up and delivery of groceries. Right on the homepage, the customer has the ability to choose one of those limited contact options. They can then choose from a variety of groceries the store holds and the customer can pay right from their phone. Think of ways your business can make services easier for customers in the digital realm and still comply with the “stay home” concept as much as possible. Customers are looking for stable solutions, make your company a tool in that search.Adapting to COVID-19, there's always a solution

Update Your Business Information

Don’t forget that all of your customers and prospects are looking for your business online – with their phones or laptops. You want to make sure all of the information that pulls up is correct and clear. This means, updating your hours (if necessary) and any other business information on Google My Business, Facebook, Yelp, and other sites where your hours are listed.

Review Current Marketing Campaigns

Chances are, content in your marketing campaign wasn’t prepared for COVID-19 when it was created and it may need to be adjusted due to the crisis. Be sure to review all content before it goes live. Whether you need to stop a campaign or redo half of the content – it could have an unintentionally negative effect on your reputation if you don’t.

Add An Informative Banner to Your Website

Consider adding an alert banner on your website. When people visit your website, the banner will grab their attention and let them know how you are responding as a company to COVID-19 and the ways it is affecting your business and them as consumers. A couple of great examples of website banners can be found on the Starbucks and Apple websites. They have both added a banner to immediately inform customers of how they are proceeding in the face of the pandemic.

Use Social Media As A Tool

Use your social media accounts as a tool during this time to communicate with and reach your customers and reach prospects. People are engaging in social distancing, so they’re more likely to be on their phones, scrolling through social media. This is a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your followers.

In your content, follow CDC best practices and be as transparent as possible – it helps people feel more confident in your company and gives your brand a boost of credibility. Focus on maintaining a calm, positive presence on social media. There is a lot of negativity and fear going on right now, so those little positive social media posts are just what people need. Foster conversations with your followers and promote your community online.

Facebook groups are another great way to spread the word! They allow you to keep up with your local community and make engaging posts centered around your business. Be transparent in your post. Let your community know you are taking extra steps and changing your procedures to ensure their health and safety.

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If you’re unsure of what to do to help your business grow online, you’re not alone. But moving your business online is imperative during the current crisis to continue reaching your customers. Maybe you’re tired of creating content that is getting little engagement or crafting marketing campaigns that are just not producing successful results. That’s where we come in.

In a 30-minute free consultation, you will virtually meet with our Co-Founder & Marketing Director, Randy Blakeslee, to discuss what makes your business unique, your goals, and your current marketing strategies. We will provide you with expert insights and solutions on areas where you can successfully grow your business through digital marketing.

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