Our Symboliq Team Shares Their Favorite Geneva Shops as Swedish Days Festivities Begin

The annual Swedish Days in Geneva is back on and in full swing this weekend! And rain or shine, nothing is going to stop our Symboliq team from enjoying all of our favorite local Geneva shops and all of the festivities. If you’re new to the area or are looking for some new local shops and restaurants to enjoy this weekend, we’re here to help! Check out some of our team’s favorite downtown Geneva (And St. Charles) spots.

Randy, Co-Founder at Symboliq

Randy, Co-Founder

Randy’s favorite Geneva, IL shops are bringing their A game in delicious Italian eateries and drinks. 

Gia Mia is known for its fresh Italian pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas. Can you say YUM? Order online or stop into their restaurant at 13 N 3rd Street in Geneva.

Cotto A Legna is located downtown Geneva on third street. Their Italian cuisine, paired with a glass of red is mouth-watering. Try it for yourself by ordering online or visiting 500 S 3rd St #147 in Geneva.

Jen, Developer at Symboliq

Jen, Developer

Jen’s love for good drinks and food and the great outdoors is obvious in her favorite local Geneva shops!

The Beer Cellar, located at 204 W. State Street in Geneva, offers a variety of different types of beers, wines, and spirits, as well as cool one-of-a-kind drinks like kombuchas and seltzers! 

The owner of Sammy’s Bikes is a long-time family friend of Jen’s! Sammy’s bikes offers bikes for purchase or day rentals, whatever suits your needs. As a biking enthusiast herself, Jen wouldn’t go anywhere else for premium bicycles! Stop by their shop in St. Charles at 602 S 1st Street.

Moveable Feast will almost talk for itself…let us explain. Their food and service are second to none but it was when they were featured on Oprah’s infamous “Favorite Things” that things really took off. The in-store food and service is just as good as the catering, so whether you’re in the area and needing a bite to eat or are trying to plan a larger get together – Jen would say Moveable Feast is just the place to call!

Rob, Art Director at Symboliq

Rob, Art Director

After long days of designing there are a few pleasures in life that Rob loves to partake in. Cigars, Burgers, and Whiskey are some of the things he can always go for. After sampling around the area, Rob has put together his *very biased* list of the best spots in Geneva!

The Burger Local has an incredible menu top to bottom. After 3 years in the area, Rob hasn’t found something he doesn’t like. Located at the south end of 3rd Street in Geneva, The Burger Local makes it perfect to start the night.

With wall-to-wall built-in humidors and enough options to cover the very beginner to a cigar aficionado, Burning Leaf Cigar has everything you could ask for! You could spend hours looking around their shop but their friendly staff can help you find the perfect cigar for you. Stop in at 577 S 3rd Street #101 in Geneva.

From the ripe age of 21, Rob has been a whiskey lover and is known to enjoy a good Old Fashioned every now and then. Rob will tell you – 1910 has one of the most unique Old Fashioned around. From the display of smoking the glass, the orange peel encased in an ice sphere, and even the tobacco leaf, the cocktail is a force to be reckoned with! In the “one sip challenge” Rob gives this a 9.7 [only because a perfect 10 would be a rookie score!] 

Sarah, Content Director at Symboliq

Sarah, Content Director

Sarah is all about the simple pleasures in life. A cup of coffee, a cute plant, or a glass of wine are among some of the things that bring her joy!

In high school, Graham’s 318 was Sarah’s hang out after school – she went there almost every day to grab a cup of coffee and get some homework done. Recently renovated, Grahams 318 is still her favorite coffee shop to this day. If you haven’t yet, stop in at 318 S 3rd Street in Geneva. Better yet, try Sarah’s favorite drink – a blended vanilla latte with just a bit of peppermint powder! 

Grow Geneva is located at 220 S. Third Street in Geneva. As a plant lover, Sarah can’t get enough of this adorable plant shop. They often hold special discounts on plants and have a huge variety of different types of plants to choose from.

Sarah first went to the Geneva Winery for a girl’s night out. She loved the variety of red wines (her favorite). They are known for their flights and tastings. Stop by their shop at 426 S 3rd St #1a in Geneva to try one of their tasty and refreshing wine slushies!

Casey, Project Manager at Symboliq

Casey, Project Manager

Casey loves spending the day out and about in Geneva, visiting different shops the town has to offer. Here are some of her favorites, including one she can’t wait to visit!

Scentcerely Yours on State Street in Geneva offers such a unique experience! With their scent wall of over 100 scents, you can choose your favorite three to mix together and create your own scent. Casey recently created her own signature scent with her sister that included a mixture of sangria, olive blossom, elderflower, and white tea! 

Edie Boutique is one of Casey’s favorite local Geneva shops! Their clothing and accessories options and wide variety of brands truly make the perfect shopping day. Stop by the shop at 301 W State Street in Geneva!

Geneva Wreath is opening in Fall 2021! Previously, the handmade, quality wreaths were sold online only at twoinspireyou.com and they are officially opening their first in-store shop in the fall! They will be located at 328 S 3rd Street in Geneva. Casey has had her eye on a wreath for a while and can’t wait to visit the shop when they open.

Ava, Design Intern at Symboliq

Ava, Design Intern

El Molcajete is one of Ava’s favorite restaurants in Geneva! Take your choice from tasty tacos, enchiladas, burritos, and more. Ava hasn’t tried a dish at El Molcajete that she hasn’t loved.

Cocoon is known for its vintage-inspired home goods, bags, clothing, and different accessories. Even just taking a look around the shop is an experience you’ll treasure forever. Stop by for your own unique finds at 212 S. Third Street in Geneva!

Ryan Hickey, Head Developer at Symboliq

Ryan Hickey, Head Developer

Ryan has yet to try El Molcatjete but has heard nothing but good things about the restaurant. Known for the Mexican cuisine dishes and margaritas, he’s sure to stop by El Molcajete soon at 227 S 3rd Street in Geneva.

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