Building Link Equity on Your Website

Regarding your business website, the quality of your links matters just as much as the quantity. Search engines like Google use links to help them crawl and index websites so they can rank them in search results. This means that if you want your website to rank well, you need to have high-quality links pointing to it – link equity.

What is Link Equity? 

Link equity is the value passed from one webpage to another through a link. This value is essential because it helps search engines determine the importance of a particular page. In addition, link equity can also help boost a page’s ranking in search results.

There are two types of link equity: internal and external.

Internal link equity is created when one page on your website links to another page on your website. This link is important because it helps search engines understand the structure of your website and find new pages. In addition, internal links can also help boost the ranking of a particular page in search results. 

External link equity is created when another website links to yours. This link is important because it helps search engines understand the popularity of your website and its content. However, ensure you are linking externally to a credible source (i.e., a government website, study, etc.).

Factors that Contribute to Building Link Equity

Several factors contribute to a link’s quality, including:


Relevance refers to how well a particular webpage matches up with the topic of your website. For example, if you have a business website about plumbing, then a relevant webpage would be one about plumbing services


Authority refers to how popular and trustworthy a particular webpage is. A webpage with high authority has been around for a while and has plenty of high-quality content. 


Crawlability refers to how easily search engines can find and index a particular webpage. A webpage that is easy for search engines to crawl will typically rank higher in search results than a webpage that is difficult for them to crawl. 

Link Location

Link Location is where the link to your website is located on a particular webpage. A link that is located near the top of the page will typically carry more weight than a link that is located near the bottom of the page. 


Security refers to whether or not a particular webpage is secure. A secure webpage uses SSL certifications. You’ll know if a website is secure if it starts with HTTPS instead of HTTP. Search engines prefer secure websites, so it’s always best to use sources with HTTPS whenever possible.

Next Moves to Gain Link Equity

Link equity is an important factor in SEO because it helps determine the importance of a particular page and can also help boost its ranking in search results. Adding a blog page to your website and including internal and external links is a great way to build link equity. Not sure how to get started? Our Symboliq team can help:

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