2020 Creative Trends

A lot has happened this year. None of us had the 20/20 vision to see what was to come. One thing we are sure of is that 2020 will be a new year filled with new creative trends. At Symboliq Media, we keep the lights on because we know how important good design and marketing is to keep your business moving. Here are some 2020 creative trends to think about when growing your business and building content strategies.

Creative Trends in 2020

1- Roaring 20’s

Haven’t you heard? It is the 20’s again and we are back in full swing as designs and creative trends from back then, come marching in today. Some key designs that make this creative trend “pop” is its use of art deco, gold patterns and geometry to create an elegance around your company. Think about this when you create your next content strategy.

2- Occulture

To summarize occulture is a series of creative trends surrounding magic and astrological beliefs. The New York Times writes that we are living in a “religious revival” and that sites that talk about zodiacs and horoscopes are increasing. This creative trend is popular among the younger Generation Z and Millennial generations. Make sure to include some abstract and mystical designs in some of your content to attract this demographic.

3- In Full Bloom

You may have guessed that “full bloom” refers to all things floral. Flowers are blooming everywhere from social posts and web designs to typography and fonts. Whether they are pictures or footage, this creative trend is a major one. Not only are they used digitally but they are also great for live walls to take a quick photo-op at. So, embrace the flower power creative trend.

4- Cannabiz

With all the controversy surrounding opening distilleries for CBD and THC products, it is no wonder they are popping up everywhere. Here at Symboliq Media, we have experience in helping with some CBD clients such as MTN CBD. All of the previous stigma of hippie culture and marijuana has turned into sophisticated business culture focused on anxiety and pain relief. This design and creative trend would blend well with the “full bloom” as it is natural and made from plants.

5- Minimalist Black

For all the monochrome lovers, this one’s for you. Creative trends are showing that most users prefer dark mode. For some content and designs, think of black textures, black abstract backgrounds, and minimalism use of black. Black is known to be sleek, slimming, and professional and at Symboliq Media, we want your business to be taken professionally as well.

6- Wildlife

For a year of being cooped up and self-isolated, simply sitting outside is a great break from reality. Scenic mountains, lakes, and forests create a feeling of being one with nature. Audiences want to experience this as a visual subject and, possibly, a realistic hobby. Fill some of your content up with nature themes and take advantage of this trend.

7- Chinese Ink Painting

An interest in classic calligraphy is trending. Chinese ink painting is one of the oldest art mediums and it’s sophistication captures a spirit of luck, longevity, and truth. Try including an ink wash or cherry blossom illustration to capture within your content and designs.

8- Game On

So the NBA was cancelled this year and are continuing their journey in a bubble. Other sports are playing at their normal stadiums but with no fans. This can be a downer, which is probably why the internet search for sports and fitness terms has increased greatly. These are important keywords for 2020 and we know a thing or two about how the right keywords can increase traffic and sales.

These creative trends are just some of the things to watch out for this year and include in content creation and design to help grow your business. Read the full infographic here.

Here at Symboliq Media, we keep a keen eye on these changing creative trends to keep your business relevant to your audience and prospective customers.

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