What Are Core Web Vitals & Why Do They Matter in 2021?

What Are Core Web Vitals?

Think Mobile-First

Mobile-first design is the most important element in today’s design and development process as well as User Experience (UX), delivering the right experience to the right sized screen. Mobile-first design translates to design focusing on mobile-sized screens, instead of putting more focus on desktop screens. In a recent survey by CNBC, 51% of people (around 2 billion people) use the internet exclusively via their mobile phones. With this statistic expected to reach 72.5% of people going mobile-first, you can see why mobile-first design is so essential to today’s marketing, design and development, and UX efforts.

What Do Core Web Vitals Measure?

There are three main elements of measurement that are important for core web vitals:

  1. Largest Contentful Paint (LCP): measures page loading speed. This includes images, content, video, etc. Your page load speed should be under 2.5 seconds.
  2. First Input Delay (FID): measures a user’s first interaction with your website. For example, when a person clicks a “Contact Us” button, FID will measure the time the button is clicked to the time your website responds.
  3. Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS): measures the visual stability of your website. 

2 Ways to Improve Your Server Response Time

1. Implement Schema Code

Schema markup is a small piece of coding that can be added into the back end of your website. Schema helps your website communicate better with Google’s search engine crawlers to provide a better user experience.

2. Optimize Images

If you have properly optimized images on your website, it can improve your overall page loading speed. Be sure you are never sacrificing quality for reduced image sizes. Always give your images alt tags and do frequent testing on your optimized images.

Google & Core Web Vitals

Mobile-friendly websites are crucial for SEO and website success. Google puts a large emphasis on mobile-friendly performance, also known as core web vitals, that include factors such as page speed, optimization, and more.

Core web vitals are an important part of the mobile-first design and development process. We’re here to help you understand what core web vitals are, the three main elements, how you can manipulate and optimize the three main elements, and how Google updates will affect core web vitals, as well as tips for SEO developers. Take a look at our eBook below for more information!

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