Why Video Content is Key

There is a reason that U.S. adults spent an average of 5 hours and 57 minutes per day on video, in 2018.  Naturally, movement catches a person’s eye and compels the viewer to pay closer attention. This is also why YouTube is second to only Facebook with its number of monthly active users.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth?

Consumers love video. Video content is easy-to-digest. It gives our eyes and brains a chance to rest and lets the video do all of the work. Videos have the ability to relay a vast amount of information in a quick and engaging manner. If you can make an engaging video, people spend more time on your webpage, increasing ‘dwell time’. Videos have been proven to demand more consumer attention than any other medium. And while we’re in the midst of what some might call a content-overload for consumers, capturing attention is key.

SEO and Video

SEO loves video. Did you know that you are 53x more likely show up on page 1 of Google if you have a video embedded on your website? Well, it’s true. Ever since Google purchased Youtube, there has been a significant increase on how videos can affect your search engine rank. This means that if Google or other search engines see your page with a video, it considers it relevant! According to Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be represented by video by 2019. So there’s little wonder as to why Google is eager to rank sites that can offer its users video content.

Social Media and Video

Social Media loves video. Not only are they more engaging, but they also have a longer lasting impact than written content. Videos are a great way of demonstrating how to use products, doing product reviews or conveying user experience. Remember when Instagram was just photos and twitter was all text? Since they added video, both platforms have gotten significantly better. As a result, brands and businesses end up generating a lot of video content for their audience. All platforms are used differently and Hubspot came up with some recommendations on social media video length, and we agree: 

  • Instagram: 30 seconds
  • Twitter: 45 seconds
  • Facebook: 1 minute
  • YouTube: 2 minutes

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