A Look Behind the Scenes of Symboliq’s 2022 GDUSA Award-Winning Designs

We are excited to announce that Symboliq Media has won three awards in GDUSA’s Best Of Year Competition. The GDUSA’s 2022 American Inhouse Design Awards are highly prestigious awards, and we are honored to be recognized for our design and creative work. We won in brochure design, designing for good, and online design categories. These awards are a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication to creating high-quality design work.

Symboliq’s Winning 2022 GDUSA Categories

This year, Symboliq won a 2022 GDUSA award in the Brochures category for their McMurray Stern Automation brochure design, the Designing For Good category for their Radical Love website design, and the Online Design category for their ZIVA USA 3D modeled social media graphics. Check out more about each project below.


McMurray Stern Automation Brochure DesignMcMurray Stern Brochure Design Symboliq Media

McMurray Stern is a storage solutions company serving many industries, from healthcare and military bases to grocery and retail. They are a specialty contractor that has built its reputation on a fully integrated design-build process, ensuring all of its client’s storage needs and expectations are exceeded from concept to execution.

In partnership with SpaceSaver, McMurray Stern provided businesses with high-density mobile storage, lockers, cabinets, and more. However, amid the pandemic, there was a growing need for automated storage solutions to meet increased consumer demand for quicker delivery of goods. As an industry leader in storage solutions, McMurray Stern’s capabilities and services expanded to prepare the companies it served for the future.

Symboliq Media worked with McMurray Stern to get their new automated storage solutions in front of the customer. Part of the strategy was to provide their sales team with an Automated Storage Solutions brochure that would be equally informative and aesthetic to appeal to their customers. Brochures were distributed digitally, hosted on their website, and printed to hand out to prospects.

View the brochure: https://symboliqmedia.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/11/MMS_Brochure-Automation-1.pdf 


Radical Love Website Design

Radical Love Website Design Symboliq Media

Radical Love’s mission is to help serve local schools, refugee families, and senior citizens. In 2021, Radical Love was founded to continue their mission on a larger scale as a non-profit organization.

Our Symboliq team always believed in Radical Love’s mission: to radically serve and help others who need it! We helped create a customized marketing strategy to get the word out about how others can join together to help local families.

We are honored to win the Design For Good category for our Radical Love website design. The website features images of families of those the organization has impacted, events Radical Love has run, and volunteers who have helped along the way. There are also donation, corporate partnership, and volunteer sign-up capabilities throughout the website.

Take a look at the website:  https://theradicallove.org/ 


ZIVA USA 3D Modeled Social Media Graphics

ZIVA USA 3D-Modeled Graphics Symboliq Media

ZIVA is a high-performance, durable fitness equipment, and wellness brand. ZIVA offers functional at-home fitness products and commercial and light commercial equipment for high-use gyms and fitness studios.

The ZIVA Global brand is well known across Europe and was looking to expand its brand awareness in the USA market. As a marketing agency in the USA with experience in growing brands, we helped ZIVA USA craft a brand positioning strategy that involved both online and offline marketing tactics, including custom 3D-modeled social media graphics.

Using 3D-modeling software, our team can orient and light the image as needed to replicate professional photography. 3D-modeled graphics have allowed us to capture ZIVA’s products’ intricate, high-resolution details and create a more realistic representation. As a result, ZIVA’s customers can better understand what they’re purchasing with a higher level of satisfaction and confidence in their purchases.

Check out ZIVA’s website: https://zivausa.com/ 


More About Symboliq Media

As a full-service marketing and design agency, we are perfectly positioned to craft your brand development and deliver a flawless experience from start to finish. Symboliq helps brand partners find what they stand for and live it out at all media touchpoints, inside their organization, and with every audience interaction. Our team is proud to be recognized by GDUSA and will continue striving for excellence in our future projects. Thank you to our clients who have trusted us with their branding and design needs. We look forward to continued success in the years to come.

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Randy Blakeslee

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