11 Free User Polls & Voting Plugins for WordPress

It is very essential to gather user feedback online. You may gather feedback through emails, quizzes, or polls with Q&A embedded in your website. Below are some of the best, free WordPress plugins for voting and polling.

11 Free Polling & Voting WordPress Plugins

Democracy Poll

Democracy Poll is a great plugin and it is updated often with new security fixes and features, based on the newest release of WordPress. Through this, you give visitors more to work with and they could add their answers to poll questions, choose from the different answers, and see all answers. Moreover, the features are very customizable so you can edit them in any way you like.

WP Poll

WP Poll is simple to customize as well as blends into any theme on WordPress with several clicks. You may also edit CSS on your own for you to get polls.


If you want to make engaging polls for every device, Pinpoll may be right for you. It also comes with detailed themes to match your WordPress. You may setup polls to run on the whole page or run in sections of particular page.

Totalsoft’s Poll

It’s a completely featured voting WordPress plugin with lots of options for the inputs of users. You may design custom polls including simple voting methods, Q&A, quizzes, and charts.

Polls by Opinion Stage

Polls by Opinion Stage is a simple plugin designed for WordPress polling. With Polls by Opinion Stage, you may design all kinds of content variations from the trivia quizzes to much general survey.

Quiz and Survey Master

As the name suggests, Quiz and Survey Master enables you to do custom surveys and quizzes for your WordPress website. You may find some live demos of sample surveys and quizzes, both following same styles on a same theme.

Popup Surveys

Popup Surveys is a plugin made by MARE with an intent to gather user feedback in style of surveys. It does run through the system, yet it has free account that you may use for life.

YOP Poll

You will find beautiful set up on the two sides, which include the admin dashboard and the frontend. A lot of plugin creators forget designing a usable backend. Typical plugin creators assume every WordPress user just know the ways to work with plugins, however, YOP Poll actually puts the experience ahead of the webmaster.

POWr Survey

You can quickly setup dynamic Q&A with POWr Survey, which blend into your website naturally. However, you’ll be limited on submissions you can take per month. But, once you stick with free account online, if you enjoy cloud storage solution – it’s well worth trying.

POWr Poll

POWr Poll uses cloud storage to handle polling. Meaning you will reduce the page’s total size and pull the content from the external servers. It is not something that works for everybody and others might want to control over the data. The only issue is the size limitations on the polls.

WordPress Survey and Poll

WordPress Survey and Poll is a free plugin that is easy to setup when you learn backend UI and this comes with a good window feature that will allow you to embed polls into the page dynamically.

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