You Know It’s Time for a Website Content Refresh When…

This past week, our Symboliq team had a video call to meet with one of our longest clients. The goal of the call was to discuss possible areas of growth that would improve business and sales specific to their industry.

As we dove deeper into the call, we discussed our client’s mission as well as goals and where they wanted to be in 2021. Talking with our client, we discovered that their goals, services, and overall needs had changed from when we redesigned their website just a year prior.

It was important for our design, content, SEO, and ad teams to come together to help identify a strategic plan of action that would get our client back on track to align with their website with their marketing goals.

When to Initiate a Website Content Refresh for Your Company

Whether it’s been a month, a year, or a couple of years since updating your website, here are a couple of tell-tale ways of knowing when to begin a website content refresh.

Your Products/Services or Goals Have Changed

Your website is the #1 platform your customers go to find your products and services. Therefore, your website should reflect all of your current products and services. When the pandemic started, a lot of businesses had impactful changes to their products and services. If you’re not showcasing your products or services that you want to push in 2021, it may be time to rearrange your website to reflect your goals. If your products and services are outdated, it is the perfect time as well!

Your Target Customer Has Changed

With the available website analytics insights tools, you can learn a lot about your target customer. There are so many things you can do with this information, including developing products specifically tailored to your target customer, based on data. All of your website content should be speaking to your target customer, so if it’s not, it’s time for a website content refresh.

Your Message Has Changed? Calls for a Website Content Refresh

We work with clients to craft strategic websites that take UI/UX, keywords, and their primary mission into consideration. Sometimes, when identifying and strategizing these items, clients will find that what they believed their mission was – isn’t actually where they’re headed. If there is outdated content regarding your messaging, you guessed it…time for a website content refresh!

There has Been an SEO Update

As technology takes off in our day-to-day lives and advances right in front of us, the SEO strategy that was originally created for your website, may not work as effectively any longer. Google is always implementing changes when it comes to their search engines. As the largest search engine in the world, we have to keep up with these changes to make sure your website takes home first place online. That said, this may be a great time to reassess and create a new game plan and a keyword strategy for your site to get traffic and conversions back on track.

You’re Experiencing a High Bounce Rate

No one enjoys their bounce rate increasing. It’s difficult to watch this analytic rise, however, it’s a good indicator that you should consider a website content refresh. An increased bounce rate will usually indicate that users are not finding your content valuable enough to stick around and are only visiting one page of your site for a very brief amount of time. We can help you focus on creating valuable content that will truly speak to users online.

How Symboliq Can Help

Websites are kind of our thing at Symboliq Media. We love creating websites with the most efficient and best customer journey as well as overall user experience. We work with companies and individuals in all sorts of different market sectors and have become very aware of how different customer journeys are ever-changing. Dissecting your target audience, keeping a strong and current SEO strategy, updated information about your company, and creating valuable website content will help hold users’ attention and help your business grow. 

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