Why Rebranding Can be Revolutionary for Your Company

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy not fighting the old but on building the new.” – Socrates

I’m curious if Socrates dropped this knowledge while going through a rebranding process. Not likely as it was about 500 something B.C. at the time, but his statement really gets to the heart of why rebranding is both challenging for businesses and revolutionary.

Rebranding is a change for the purposes of growth. It’s that simple. Whether the rebrand is a disaster or a revolution for your company hinges on your perspective, attitude, and approach to change as a leader.

Why rebranding can be revolutionary for your company

1 When rebranding, start with your Why

If you’re considering rebranding, then you know change is coming, whether you want it or not, and it’s the only way forward. The worst thing you can do now is fight the inevitable. It’s time to embrace the new, and let go of the old. 

Here’s a great exercise to get yourself in a rebranding mindset. Go through your why and include your team in the process. This will help you refocus on why you do what you do, and who you want to be to your audience. It strips everything away and gets you back down to core mission and values.

This is the perfect way to begin shedding the past and moving on together.

2 Talk with Your Customers

Your customers will not be the sole, guiding force for every single change you make during a rebrand, but they need to be a very big part of the equation. Talk with them. Ask questions and solicit feedback. Find out what they think you’re doing well, and where you’re missing the mark. 

If your rebrand is coming as a result of an acquisition or merger, you’ll want to make sure both consumer audiences are addressed. Look at areas of overlap in customer behavior and sentiment as opportunities for growth and expansion.

3 Set Yourself Apart 

It’s fine to examine your competitors and have a healthy awareness of what they’re doing in your market space. However, your goal should always be to set yourself apart. It’s easy to look at what others are doing, especially during a rebrand, and think – we should be doing that too! 

Everything you do needs to have purpose that aligns with your why. Sometimes that results in you doing something similar to your competitors in certain respects. But overall, your goal should be differentiating yourself from your competitors.

4 Reflect on Customer Journey

Each creative step you take during a rebranding needs to be done with the audience journey in mind. Everything (from design to content to user experience) should flow together and give your audience an experience that perfectly reflects your brand and your values. It is the most important piece of your rebrand, and the most taxing…

5 Find a Creative Partner

…Which brings us to point number 5. If this all seems like a lot of work to you that’s because it is. 

You need to find a creative partner. A rebranding is not something you want to do completely inhouse. Why? Because, you’re too damn close to it. 

You need a partner, someone impartial, to keep you focused on the big picture. 

A creative partner will help you maintain a 30,000 foot view of your brand, business, and where you want to evolve, grow, and change. They’ll keep you from slipping back into an old mindset. Also, logistically speaking, rebranding is a big lift. It’s a lot of work, and there are so many audience touchpoints to be considered. By involving a creative team outside of your business, you’ll be able to keep the ship sailing while all the change occurs below deck.

Maybe you’re considering Symboliq as your creative partner or someone else. In any case, it’s needed, and it will help guide you through the process, so you can focus all of your energy not fighting the old but on building the new.

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Randy Blakeslee

Randy Blakeslee

hi! i’m randy! i believe choosing the right team and investing in people is the best thing you can do for your business. i love our team here at Symboliq. together we’ve fostered a positive work place that allows everyone to grow professionally and infuse awesomeness into all our brand partners. we’re low on judgement, high on caffeine, and bursting with creativity. when you come on board with us, you become a member of our family. so be prepared to feel the love.

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