Whiteboard Wednesday Ep. 16: Your Team Being Brand Advocates

This Whiteboard Wednesday, Randy discusses a powerful asset to your company’s social media presence – your team! Your team can help amplify your company culture, increase engagement, and help your message be heard, all while creating an amazing internal community! Follow along as Randy explains all of the different ways social media can improve the lifespan of your company!

Why Your Team Makes Great Brand Advocates

When your employees are proud to be part of your team, they are more likely to participate in your social media online. This helps:

  • Amplify Your Brand Voice
  • Increase Engagement & Reach
  • Creates Internal Community

Strategies to Increase team brand advocates

Don’t be afraid to encourage your team to participate on your brand’s social media platforms! There are so many ways to get your team members involved in your marketing efforts and make them feel even more like part of your team. It’s all about setting your culture. Here are some ways of increasing team brand advocates

  • Encourage employees to share company posts
  • Include employees in social media ideation
  • Share your company culture with your audience
  • Employee spotlight posts

Have a Social Media Policy

When encouraging your team to participate on social media channels, be sure to have a social media policy in place with guidelines on how they should behave on social media when interacting with the company.

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