Whiteboard Wednesday Ep. 15: A Better You pt. 3

This Whiteboard Wednesday, Randy concludes our 3-part series on how to Be a Better You. Grab your coffee and take a listen as Randy shares strategies and some of his favorite apps that may help keep your thoughts and actions kind, while looking past negativity in your daily life.

Phone Apps That Can Help You Be a Better You

Both of the apps we’re about to share have free versions that you can try out and use forever! They’re there to help you along your journey to be a better you.

The Day One App

We’ve established that journaling is an amazing tool that can help you be a better you. That said, the Day One app is revolutionizing journaling in the digital age. The app allows you to take pictures, include voice memos, as well as write and reflect whenever, wherever. It truly makes journaling simple and fun while saving and storing your thoughts to revisit later if you want. Any time you’re feeling stressed, inspired, or like you just need to write, open the app and type away!

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I Am App

According to recent articles, we can have up to 6,200 thoughts per day! That’s thousands of thoughts that can cross your mind throughout your day. If you’re experiencing negative thoughts or attitudes, the I Am app may help push away the negativity and welcome patterns of positive thoughts in your life. The I Am app helps empower you with positive affirmations. You can set these affirmations to send to you throughout the day and up to 10 times per day. 

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Concluding Thoughts: Be a Better You Series

As we conclude this Whiteboard Wednesday series, we hope to leave you with this thought. Each day you have another opportunity to make changes, chase success, and in all aspects of your life – be a better you.

Cheers and Happy Wednesday!

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