Whiteboard Wednesday Ep. 11: The Importance of Having Brand Guidelines

This week, our Marketing Expert, Randy discusses the importance of having and sticking to your brand guidelines. Just simply having a logo isn’t going to draw in customers. However, the consistency that a brand guide brings will get you on the right path.

What Are Brand Guidelines?

Your brand guidelines set the tone of your company. Your brand guidelines are essentially a book all about the look, feel, and the story that represents your brand. Everything you do should be consistent in following your brand guidelines. That includes your social media posts, imagery, ads, merchandise, really anything you put out there that represents your brand.

What Should Your Brand Guidelines Include?

  • Logo/Branding
  • Logo Usage
  • Brand Colors
  • Font/Typography
  • Tone of Voice
  • Image Style

Do You Have Brand Guidelines?

At Symboliq, we work with brands on many different graphics and brand assets by following their brand guidelines as a source for the tone of voice, look, and imagery. We believe every brand should have brand guidelines that lead your brand towards a path of consistency and professionalism. Whether you’re rebranding or are just looking for a way to better represent your brand and be consistent across all channels, we can help. Set up a 30-minute free consultation and we’ll provide you with expert insights and solutions on areas where you can successfully grow your business.

That said, grab your coffees and cheers! Wishing you a Happy Wednesday everyone!

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