Whiteboard Wednesday Ep. 10: New Workplace Transition

Moving remote, working from home, and continuing your culture digitally is a huge change that many of us had to overcome. Change is hard.  But change leads to growth and strength as well. And it happens from the top down. The key is to keep a constructive, fun, connected culture that makes people look forward to coming to work.

Keeping Your Culture – Digitally

You have to work with your team to transition from the workplace to remote. Whether you have 10 employees or 100, it’s challenging to make everyone feel included throughout the day. You have to work together to continue building your culture.

Work on looking past what you’ve done and how it’s always been. Remote changes the workplace and you need to adapt as a team.

3 Remote Work Ideas to Strengthen Your Culture

  1. Friday Cocktail Post-Work
  2. Have Coffee Together Monday Morning
  3. Virtual Games

All that said, grab your coffees and cheers! Happy Wednesday!

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