Whiteboard Wednesday Ep. 08: B2P > B2B

The old model was “business to business” because that’s how it was viewed. Just two businesses working together. What we’ve learned is it takes more than that. When one party isn’t satisfied with the B2B model what happens? They cut ties and leave. Our clients are happier to work with us over and over again because we take a B2P approach. Everyone has things they need to get done, or goals they want to achieve. Business to Person is that solution.

B2P > B2B

Many people say they’re in the B2B industry working with B2B clients and customers. This week, we challenge you to flip the script and think B2P, also known as Business to Person.

Think about it – it’s a person you work with and talk with, not a business. The business world has become very scientific! But that’s now how building long-term relationships works. The ability to be personal and understand clients starts with switching your thinking.

The B2P Emotional Motivator

People want to be understood and heard. When you switch your thinking and flip the script on B2B to B2P, you’re essentially personalizing their experience to better understand them, their goals, their worries, their problems. You’re listening. When people feel heard, you’ll be successful in building business relationships for long-term success on both ends.

Cheers! We’re wishing you a happy Wednesday!

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