Whiteboard Wednesday Ep. 06: 2020 Reflection

On this week’s Whiteboard Wednesday, Randy challenges you to take a meaningful look back at 2020 with your team. We get it. 2020 stink, stank, stunk for everyone. But, you probably learned a lot about yourself, your organization, your services, and your work culture. Here’s why you should reflect on 2020 together before your team launches into the new year.

Learn From Your Response to Crisis

You probably made mistakes early on in the pandemic. Many companies did. Reflect on how you responded to the challenge and take what you learned and carry it into 2021. What you did right is just as important as your mistakes.

Understand How Remote Work Supports Your Culture

If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it’s that remote work is not going anywhere. Reflect on how/when “remote” works for your team. Did it make things better/worse? Is there an area of your organization where being remote makes sense?

Be Prepped to Pivot When Necessary

2020 showed us the importance of the pivot. Reflect on whether or not you were ready to pivot your message / service / product. We’re you able to do that quickly in the face of the pandemic of did you miss the window?

The Importance of Your People

2020 taught us again why investing in a great team matters. Reflect on the importance of your team and how you supported them throughout this crisis. How did you support your team? How did your team lift you and lift each other up? What did you do to keep your team motivated?

Emotional Intelligence is Critical to Your Leadership

Your employees probably dealt with illness, or family members becoming ill from COVID…emotional intelligence became increasingly important for leaders in 2020 and it’s not going away. You need to be aware of the emotional climate for your employees, team, and lead accordingly.

Happy Wednesday everybody!

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