What Does Marketing Look Like Without Cookies?

You may have heard – but Chrome is moving into 2021/2022 without collecting cookies in their strategy. Cookies have become a web development tool to collect personal information and data to give you a more personalized experience online. Cookies allow websites to store certain data whenever you open your browser window and connect to the internet. They also save your information for later use. For example, cookies may be collected to save items in your cart upon returning to the webpage. Let’s explore what this coming change means for marketers.

Why is Google Stopping the Collection of Cookies?

When Google announced that they will be phasing out the collection of cookies in the coming years, marketers saw it as a threat to the industry. Companies were able to collect cookies to gather information on their target audience, strategically place retargeting ads, and make the overall user experience more efficient. However, there have been many security concerns that come with collecting cookies. Additionally, customers are growing concerned about their personal data being collected and sent without the knowledge of it happening.

What Changes Will the Loss of Cookies Mean For Marketers?

The Customer Experience

The loss of cookies will redefine the customer experience. Marketers have come to rely heavily on customer data and analytics to better understand their audience’s behaviors. There’s one problem with that — people are not their data and information. Psychographics play a huge role in the customer experience and with the loss of cookies, we will be forced to understand consumer behaviors in a more thorough and humanly manner.

Social Listening

The loss of data collection through cookies is forcing companies to push their strategies towards a different way of collecting information about customers. One way to better understand customers is to use social listening. Pay attention to what your customers are saying, asking for, or even content they’re drawn towards.


Some types of advertising rely heavily on cookies to provide highly targeted ads to customers. For example, maybe someone looks up a plant online. Cookies are collected to allow a company that sells plant pots to advertise their products to this customer, as the information collected shows that they like plants and accessories. Without cookies, we cannot rely on that type of data collection.


Always remember that digital marketing is an ever-evolving industry that is bound to change and require adaption. The loss of cookies may make data collection more difficult at first, but the person-to-person approach it requires us to have makes the process all the more human.

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