the client //

vanexxe is a varicose vein support formulated with all-natural ingredients. the topical roll-on gel provides users with visible results in under an hour, minimizing their varicose veins and symptoms that come with them.

the challenge //

vanexxe crafted a brand new, natural varicose vein solution that they needed to get into the hands of consumers and major retail chains.

the team of skincare experts knew they needed a team of marketing experts to make it happen.

we created a website that delivered a superior user experience as well as packaging design, point of sale presentation, collateral materials, and a social media presence.

the solution //

in today’s e-commerce market, customers are looking to build a relationship with a brand before making a purchase. we kept this in mind when creating a brand new direct to consumer site for vanexxe.

we created a website that would not only speak to customers, and the challenges they face, but would give them a positive customer journey. we created content to support the customer experience and drive traffic to the new website including:

  • video messaging
  • presentations
  • point of sale collateral assets for major retail chains
  • social media posts

we updated vanexxe’s packaging and built visually appealing social media feeds, while increasing seo with website and blog content.