Top 8 Web Design Trends That Are Expected To Flourish In 2018

The world of web designing is an ever-ending field of computer science. Over the years, one will always expect new website designs that follow the latest trends. However, the strategy will always be the same – to generating revenue, actions, and web traffic. Take a look at the top 8 web design trends that are expected to reach new heights in 2018.

The following 8 designs are expected to take the world in 2018

1. Integrated Animations

Multimedia is going to be a big part of website design in 2018. This is because users are visually-oriented. By integrating animations or video into your website design, users subconsciously appreciate aesthetically pleasing design and rank it as a better website in our minds.

2. Friendly Color Chemistry

In the past, color variety was looked for in the world of website design. However, now , There was a time when variety was looked upon. Now, the color effect for greater good would be looked inside web development i.e. such color schemes would be treated of no value which fail to make a person interested in them.

3. Improved User Design

In future, user design and user interface are some of the core focused areas of web development. The basic purpose of such web strategy would be to increase user participation inside requested websites.

If a user likes your website, he/she will naturally spend more time and is more likely to recommend the website in his/her friend circle.

4. Cross Platform Development

These days most people use internet on smartphones and tablets. In future, cross platform integration of websites is heavily expected.

The move will give competition to those websites which are solely build for a single platform.

5. Page Transitioning

Normally, when we go from one website’s page to another, we don’t feel anything. Imagining a scenario if we DO feel anything i.e. a slight animated transition, our web experience will get more enjoyable.

Page transitioning techniques are expected to be used in 2018 across different websites.

6. Shareable Custom Illustrations

Not everyone can read but nearly everyone using the internet can see. Illustrations help create a fun element on a website.

Such graphic designers are going to be in high demand which can create thought provoking concept art. That custom art will be sharable i.e. it can be shared on large social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram etc.

A website’s popularity will reach new limits if it gets shared and individually praised by distinct friend circles of an individual.

7. Frequent Use of Shadowing

The use of shadow in texturing and in page layouts is expected to get common in 2018. With grid and parallax layouts, designers are playing with shadows to create fascinating 3-D and 2-D objects. This is all done to create a world of depth and illusion, extending beyond the computer screen.

Shadow designing is similar to flat design trend, which was common a little while ago.

8. Dynamic Scrolling

Static scrolling has been since the birth of web engineering but these days, designers are looking for just a little bit of margin to introduce innovation, a little here and a little there.

In recent years, we have seen such websites in which when you pass a certain image object, the rate of scrolling gets faster than before.

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