Top 4 WordPress Trends That You May See In 2018

As service providers in a competitive field, Web Developers need to know where the digital world is headed in terms of website design. That is why it is so important for web developers to know WordPress trends of that have been on the rise throughout 2017 as we move into 2018. Knowing these trends inside out can give any web developer quite the upper hand. Keep reading to learn about 4 trending WordPress trends you need to know about.

4 WordPress Trends Moving Into 2018

1. Search Engine Notifications

Your default browser will soon to turn into your personalized news provider as well, thanks to search engine push notifications. These notifications will integrate with your search engine as soon as they are visited. While the idea of such notifications (may pop up in your laptop screen’s corner or your smartphone notification center) is quite appealing, it can become a nuisance if the site you visited was just a one-time thing.

In fact, these notifications have been regarded as nothing but trouble by most customers and yet they are taking the high road. Web developers will have to see how to integrate them willingly for visitors to capitalize on.

2. Mobile-Friendly Outlook

When we use desktop-based websites on our phones, we are often taken aback by the poor display that they have when compared to the real display on the laptop screen. That is about to change! Because web developers have access to data and have realized the sheer magnitude of people who prefer using their phones for almost every internet use, they will do most of their non-documentation work on it.

This is why WordPress web developers are now trying to bring out a mobile outlook for their new websites, so that all mobile-first users can be easily accommodated.

3. Animations Over Still Imagery

If you visit a website, there is almost always a chance that parts of the website will be animated or contain movement in some way. This is because animations are preferred over still imagery! Animations may spring to life using a cursor or touch. With animation, creativity knows no bounds.

4. Abstract Images

Using abstract imagery on a website can pique your user’s interest. You wouldn’t think disorder or the use of abstract shapes would be something that is visually appealing on a website. However, in the case of web design this interesting use of abstract images is taking the market by storm – and is expected to continue to. Just keep in mind, you should never sacrifice a clear user experience.

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