Whiteboard Wednesday Ep. 1: The Importance of SEO

If you missed our latest Whiteboard Wednesday episode, don’t worry, we’ll get you caught up. In our latest vlog, Randy Blakeslee, Co-Founder of Symboliq and digital marketing expert, discussed the importance of SEO. SEO is essential in today’s market and you have to be implementing these tactics on various platforms to build your business online. If you’re struggling to incorporate an SEO strategy at your business, we can help. Our Symboliq content and SEO team will help you strategically build your business online with proven SEO tips and tactics.

Why is SEO So Essential To Growing Your Business?

Google My Business

Ensuring your Google My Business listing is set up properly is simple. It’s an easy step that will help grow your business online and it’s extremely important. Why? Your Google My Business listing is how your customers essentially find you online. When they do a search, your Google My Business profile with your hours, phone number, and address should come up first.


You communicate with customers every day. Whether it be through customer services or on your website, you are always supplying your customers with products and services when they need them. Make sure you’re not missing out on capturing positive customer experiences with reviews to help build credibility for your business.


Creating content on your website is extremely important. Your content is what helps move you to the first page of Google. Blogs are a great way to position your company as an expert in your industry. Make sure you’re remembering your target audience as you’re writing blogs – you want to write content that speaks value to your target audience. Backlinking your blogs will also help increase the authority of your domain name.

Hope to see you in two weeks for our next Whiteboard Wednesday episode!

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