Symboliq Project Manager, Casey, is Featured in UpCity’s Article on Best Social Media Management Tools for ‘21

Finding the right social media software for your business. Ugh, am I right? It was hard enough choosing your social platforms, the handles, the hashtags, and writing clever bios. Now it’s time for a delivery method, and of course, there are hundreds of options to pick from.

UpCity, a popular B2B service that helps businesses connect to trusted service providers, published an article that features Symboliq Media’s social media manager and strategist, Casey Minarcik! Casey gave critical insights on the social media management tool she prefers for Symboliq clients.

Vendasta is a great resource for creating content, scheduling social media posts, and viewing reports,” Minarcik said. Vendasta is a white-label platform (meaning it was created for brand and marketing agencies specifically). Symboliq Media has subscribed to and experimented with several different social management tools over the years, but Vendasta is by far the fan favorite for our group.

The social management tool allows for scheduling day and time for a post as well as viewing reports, adding users, and viewing your social marketing calendar – which is Vendasta’s primary use for the Symboliq Media team. 

“Once you log in [to Vendasta], you are able to see a list of all the different accounts you manage from one dashboard, making the platform very easy to navigate. Once you select your client’s account, you can connect various social media accounts including Instagram, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and more,” Minarcik added. “Because of all of the features and abilities, we couldn’t imagine using anything other than Vendasta on a day-to-day basis for our clients.”

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