Symboliq Media Partners With Silver Roots: Locally Sourced Apparel

Symboliq Media is excited to announce a new collaboration with Silver Roots Caffeinated Apparel. Silver Roots launched in late September 2021, fueled by creativity and teamwork, with the goal of offering customers quality apparel with premium designs.

As the brainchild of Symboliq Media Co-Founder, Randy Blakeslee, and Art Director, Rob Moeller, Silver Roots gives Symboliq clients a unique opportunity to spread their brand message. This collaboration emerges as the marketing agency comes up on its 10-year anniversary.

“After starting my career in the apparel business, I’m excited to bring that experience and expertise into this new venture,” said Rob Moeller, Art Director of Symboliq Media and Co-Founder/Creative Director of Silver Roots. “Silver Roots combines caffeinated creativity and passion to give Symboliq clients quality branded apparel. Our goal is to raise brand awareness but also improve the culture within brands.”

Get premium-branded apparel for your business or view Silver Roots apparel designs at

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Randy Blakeslee

Randy Blakeslee

hi! i’m randy! i believe choosing the right team and investing in people is the best thing you can do for your business. i love our team here at Symboliq. together we’ve fostered a positive work place that allows everyone to grow professionally and infuse awesomeness into all our brand partners. we’re low on judgement, high on caffeine, and bursting with creativity. when you come on board with us, you become a member of our family. so be prepared to feel the love.

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