Symboliq Co-Founder, Randy Blakeslee, is Featured in UpCity’s Article: How Do Businesses Handle Difficult Prospects and Clients?

The saying, “you can’t make everyone happy” isn’t immune to your business clients. In business, it’s inevitable that you encounter difficult prospects and clients at some point during your career. Whether their budget doesn’t align with your pricing or there’s a personality clash, whatever the reason, not every client will be a perfect fit.

We believe in the power of initial intake calls. It’s essential for our team to meet prospective clients prior to working together to ensure we’re a good fit and set inceptive expectations on both ends.

UpCity is a popular B2B service that helps businesses connect to trusted service providers. Recently, UpCity published an article that features Symboliq Media’s Co-Founder & Sales Expert, Randy Blakeslee, as he gives insights into dealing with difficult clients. Here’s what he had to say…

Have You Ever Turned Away A Client Seeking Your Company’s Services? Why?

“Unfortunately, yes we have. Sometimes timelines or certain projects require more hands-on, more time to do things right. Clients don’t always understand the “hours” it takes to make visions perfect,” explains Randy.

What Are Some Red Flags To Look For During The Initial Discussion Stage That May Indicate You Shouldn’t Take A Prospective Customer On As A Client?

“A few items we have leaned on as an agency are the following:

Strategy: If the client is not willing to put the time into doing an actual strategy with our team, they are not really interested in succeeding. Timeline: These have to be set on a realistic calendar, not a fictitious one. UX/UI takes time and talent. If you push talent and burn people out, the results will not be the same. We want to deliver the best possible solutions, and that takes time. Cost: If we cannot come together on budgets, or we have to lower our budgets, then we would have to lower our time and that means lower results. We would take a hard pass on that as an agency. We stand behind all our work, and that takes time and money,” says Randy.

More About Symboliq Media

Symboliq Media is a marketing and design agency with years of combined industry-leading experience. We bring the positive results our clients demand and pride ourselves on great work ethic and integrity. throughout the years, we have been able to team up with amazing clients to create stunning, award-winning designs across multiple mediums.

Interested in working together? Schedule a free 30-minute consultation! During the initial consultation, we’ll discuss your current marketing strategies as well as your future goals to see if we’d be a good fit!

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