retail marketing & strategy

Ever think of a product, and suddenly it appears in an advertisement? Our job is to stay 15 steps ahead of the customer and create a simple path to products. Whether you’re in need of physical retail space, product launches, or your product needs a boost our team gets eyes on your product.

what does it include?

brick & mortar and retail consultation

Getting in front of the right buying team and navigating the
retail market can be intimidating and seem like a never-ending road. Our team of retail experts will help guide you in the right direction and make it all seem just a little less overwhelming. Whether your goal is to take hold of the ecommerce market or get into major retailers around the world, our team will assist you on this journey.

product press releases

We will act as the information gatekeepers on your behalf. Whether it be a grand opening, special event or new product launch, a Press Release is the best practice to keep investors informed and increase brand awareness. 

strategic consulting

Just getting started? Sometimes a brand or new product launch needs some extra attention when deciding the best path for success. We will show you the ropes and stand by you as we look to see what’s best for you and the goals you have set to reach. 

amazon marketing strategy

Who doesn’t want to tap into the Amazon selling market? Our team has years of experience working with Amazon, their merchandising leads and the retail success for online sellers. Everything from initial setup, to planning strategic promotions and creating A+ content, we will lead you in the direction to capitalize in the Amazon world.

examples of our work

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