SEO Automation And How To Do It

SEO stands for ‘search engine optimization’. If your website is search engine optimized, it will appear in the higher ranks of a search engine database. Cool, right? Now imagine if your SEO could be automated. What if, overtime, your content, tag descriptions and link insertion could be done? You would have few lesser problems inside your head, no?

The following article will tell you about ways through which you can automate SEO.

Knowing Your Traffic

One of the greatest achievements of any website is to generate more and more web traffic overtime. For this purpose, there are tools which help monitor your visitors.

These tools will give you a detail analysis about the location of your visitors, what type of content is attracting what type of people etc.

A good example is “SimilarWeb” The industry analysis can help you provide the most important data from web traffic.

NOTE: These stats are not absolute. Take them as a references and always work hard to achieve your desired goals.

Identifying Appropriate SEO Keywords

Keywords can “make or break” your website traffic. You should anticipate the key words any person on internet would search, regarding your content so that he or she may be directed onto your website.

The opposition feature of “Sistrix” includes three competitors. It will show you the list of keywords which you have not been using before.

In the past, it was difficult to update keyword queries over time but thanks to automation software, replacing keywords is a piece of cake now.

There is another tool by the name of SERPWoo. It tracks the top 20 results of your default keywords. The useful metrics help marketers develop the desired strategy needed to influence a variety of audience.

Getting Relevant Links With Desired Information

Naturally, you need a list of websites which are related to your business. Understanding those websites or even establishing links with them can increase your optimization.

LinkRisk Peel tool is known to provide a lot of modern filters which help reaching out towards the relevant websites.

Internal Linking of Website

Internal links provide quality and reliability to your website. To analyze the internal linking, one had to export to URLs and process them with visualization tools to identify the final graph.

A website provides a function under the name “visualizer” It allows you to automate internal linking of websites as well as filter the numbers, show link relationship and display the page results which follow a certain pattern.

This is very much beneficial for understanding the internal linkage of websites.

How About All The Above-Mentioned Tools Inside A Single SEO Tool

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were told about tools which display all the required SEO functionalities on a single sheet?

We are talking about link popularity, organic traffic data and key optimization, all on a single place.

Google analytics, Google PageSpeed and mobile validation are some of the handiest dandy tools which can help you in your quest of SEO automation.

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