Saying Farewell to Our Design Intern, Ava: Insights and Lessons She Will Bring With Her

It’s a bittersweet time at Symboliq as we say farewell to our favorite Design Intern, Ava! Ava will be attending Loyola for her Sophomore year of college and will be studying Business Marketing this fall. We will miss her willingness to learn, positive attitude, and creative spirit around the office!

We sat down with Ava to talk about what she has learned during her time at Symboliq and what her goals are for the future.

What Are Some Lessons You Learned at Symboliq that You Will Take with You to School and Your Future Career?

Asking for help on a project only makes you grow as a better designer. We should learn to feel comfortable asking for help. It is something that we all need at some time in our lives. The only way to get started is to jump right in, which may lead to mistakes but is the only way to truly learn. 

What Was Your Favorite Project You Worked on at Symboliq?

Branding concepts (logos) were my favorite project because they pushed me to think outside of the box. I wasn’t a huge fan of doing them at first, but it’s only because I felt like my ideas weren’t good enough for our clients. I am thankful Symboliq made me try because I pushed past that feeling and found my confidence. 

What Do You Like Most About Business Marketing?

The thought of inspiring and educating organizations and their leadership to become more discoverable, shareable, and memorable excites me the most. That their message is received well, and that businesses should recognize the importance of concentrating on people rather than pixels.

Do You Think Your Symboliq Internship Helped Prepare You For the Business Marketing Industry? How?

Yes, this opportunity has definitely readied me for what is to come in the Business Marketing field. I had some self-doubt before coming here on my abilities, but during the last year, I’ve discovered the perfect people and initiatives to help me gain confidence in myself. That’s not to say I didn’t make mistakes or require assistance; I did, and Symboliq helped me turn a mistake into a success. I would still be apprehensive about my ideas if it weren’t for them, they work with me to provide real-world experience and help me improve my design abilities.

How Would You Describe The Culture at Symboliq?

Extremely welcoming. They took me, a freshman in college with no significant experience at the time, and provided me with all the skills and information I would need to succeed, all because they believed in me and wanted to help me improve. They put their years of expertise into me so that I could become better at what I wanted to accomplish. This has truly been an unforgettable experience and I thank everyone at Symboliq for their welcoming hearts and kindness. I have learned so very much from them.

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