the client //

Radical love is a non-profit organization that aims to serve others in the community as a reflection of Jesus’ love. Radical love members, along with their children, help local schools, refugee families, and senior citizens.

the challenge //

Radical love began as a neighborhood community club that, with the help of their children, saw a way to help others in their community. In 2021, radical love was founded to continue their mission on a larger scale, as a non-profit organization.

our team always believed in Radical love’s mission: to radically serve and help others who need it!

we needed to create a customized marketing strategy to get the word out about how others can join together to help local families.

the solution //

Founder, Ellie Lebron, reached out to us to help collaborate on a new, fresh web design. We worked with Ellie and her Radical Love team to create a multi-functional website that included a donation plugin for users to donate easily and securely. We also added volunteer forms, newsletter sign-ups, and downloadable resources as a way to increase reach and get more people involved.

Our content and design teams helped produce email campaigns for upcoming events and new print materials for speaking engagements. All of our marketing efforts were to increase visibility and spread the radical love message to others.

the results //

  • launched a new startup non-profit brand
  • created brand guidelines for consistency online
  • pushed email campaigns to get the word out about events
  • produced print materials for speaking engagements
  • created a new website that included a donation plugin
Radical Love
Rad Love Brand
Radical Love Resource Page
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