Lady of Heaven

the client //

The Lady of Heaven, 2021 Cannes Film Festival Award winner for Best Visual Effects, tells the incredible true story of Lady Fatima, a key holy figure in Islamic history. 

the challenge //

The uncertainty of the pandemic delayed the movie premiere for a year. With audiences finally returning to theaters, producers of this heavily anticipated independent film needed a movie launch strategy fast.

the solution //

We had 60 days to craft a marketing approach for the film including designing all creative collateral, trailer creation, and more. we delivered a holistic, comprehensive omni-channel strategy aimed to build public awareness, generate revenue, fill seats, and result in higher roi.

the results //

Omni-channel Strategy

Researched and constructed primary and secondary viewer profiles for the film to inform a targeted omni-channel marketing approach. Our team:

· Drafted all creative ad copy (multiple variations to
keep engagement levels high)
· Designed imagery for all display ads
· Edited movie trailers for OTT advertising, YouTube,
social ads
· Facilitated and secured all creative approvals on
behalf of The Lady of Heaven film for AMC Theatres
and the Motion Picture Association (MPA) to fulfill
contractual requirements and quality assurance

We utilized the following platforms and approaches to quickly and effectively reach potential moviegoers:

· Streaming platforms/OTT advertising
· Press + Media relations
· Google static/display
· Social media marketing
· Facebook/Instagram ads
· Google Ad Words
· Print advertising
· YouTube
· Geofencing
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Movie Trailers

· Edited :30, :60, :90 variations of The Lady of Heaven Trailer
· Included cinematic trailers screened at participating AMC theater locations.
· Secured necessary certifications for cinematic trailer (including MPA + TASA)
· Facilitated cinematic trailer placement with AMC Theatres weekly up to premiere.
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Ott Video
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on YouTube

billboards + movie posters

· Strategically placed billboards in locations with large target audience bases.
· Designed billboard + poster artwork.
· Printed and shipped movie posters for release.
· Secured digital ad space in key markets.
The Lady Of Heaven The Untold Story
Movie Poster
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Nationwide locations that
Posters and billboards were
distributed across

Online Merchandise Store

· Designed a customized drop shipping online merchandising store to integrate into the main website.
· Created designs for multiple consumer products.
· Set up tax and shipping rates for domestic and international shipping of merchandise.
· Provided training and back end customer service.

social media presence

Our content team Posted daily to The Lady of Heaven Instagram, Facebook, Twitter pages. we designed + captioned posts and identified opportunities to effectively boost to reach more people. In 60 days, we were able to significantly increase followers for all platforms:

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