Omnichannel marketing strategies provide a great opportunity for brands to reach a broader audience across a variety of platforms from ott advertising and geofencing to video and programmatic display.

Omnichannel Solutions we offer:

  • ott advertising
  • geofencing
  • YouTube pre-roll video
  • paid social ads
  • programmatic display
  • site retargeting

we Create tailored, multi‑channel
journeys for your customers

we Create tailored, multi‑channel journeys for your customers

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Ott advertising

ott (over the top) advertising is a new form of advertising that consists of short commercial videos that play during streaming apps. ott advertising is a powerful way to reach your customers and utilize a/b testing for your targeted demographics.

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Paid social ads

paid social highly targets your audience with specific customer demographics and psychographic characteristics. we’ll build look-alike models to reach top converters from Facebook, instagram, linkedin, google and and more for a stronger omnichannel strategy.

Brand Positioning


think of a geofence as a virtual “fence” around a specific geographical location. geofences gather location data that trigger actions based on when a person enters or exits a certain location, building, or home. depending on your industry, geofencing is a powerful tactic to gain loyal customers.

Analytics & Insights

Programmatic display

programmatic is critical in an omnichannel strategy in that it tends to impact all other channels. with programmatic display and the multitude of tactics ranging from geofencing marketing and keyword contextual to crm retargeting and site retargeting, you can reach a broad audience.


YouTube pre-roll video

we run several lead generation campaigns with video that aims to tell your story and reach your target audience. given YouTube is the second largest search engine behind google, it does provide for middle to bottom of funnel strategy for brands.

Website Development

Site retargeting

we have to separate this out as its own tactic given it can be listed in google display, programmatic, Facebook, instagram, and even linkedin. it’s one of the best omnichannel tactics brands can implement.

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