Insights from Our Content Director, Sarah, as She Celebrates Her 2 Year Work-iversary at Symboliq

In some ways, we can’t believe that Sarah has already been with us for 2 years, but in others, it feels like… ”How has she ONLY been with us for 2 years!?” Regardless, we love that Sarah is a member of our Symboliq team! Her “can-do” spirit and seemingly limitless skillset has made working with her a joy for all of us.

Even as our Content Director, Sarah has dove headfirst into many areas of the business to be a fountain of knowledge, expertise, and support. We forced her to slow down for a few minutes and talk with us about her experience working at Symboliq Media for the past 2 years. Like we always say, grab a coffee and get into our conversation with Sarah!

What do you like most about being Symboliq’s content director? 

There are so many things I love about being a Content Director! Creating content is such an experience each time and every day it is something new. Some days, we’re collaborating with a pediatrician client of ours on a flyer hand out, others we are helping a consultant find a place in the business world with their own identity. I love how both creative and logical this job allows me to be on a daily basis. From graphics and website designs to UX strategy, analytics, and educational blogs, I am able to tap into my creative and logical sides and I love the challenge! My favorite part of creating content is getting to know a vast array of industries. I do a lot of research and have many discussions to really understand the client, their brand, and their industry.

What helps get your creative juices flowing? 

We’re all creatives at Symboliq but falling into a creative rut definitely does happen to all of us! There are some days where you try to chip away at a project but it just isn’t happening! In those times, I try to do what I can on the project, take a break, and come back to it the next day. Also, good music playlists, another cup of coffee, and collaboration with the team usually help get those juices flowing too 🙂

You are multi-talented and are also one of our web designers! What’s been your favorite design project to work on? 

I love web design because you’re always learning. Learning about how you can improve the UX to better position each company, challenges their potential consumers may experience, and what kinds of functionality and movements will grab a user’s attention. I think my favorite website design project so far has to be Acquaviva.

Before we started this web design project, the client was struggling with UX as well as integrations for events, e-comm wine bottle features, restaurant reservations, and wine club memberships. We worked with them to create a new color scheme that would be more aesthetically pleasing throughout the site and give off a beautiful, elegant feel. Then, we cleaned up the website’s main navigation and clearly defined the sitemap. The winery is family-owned and they grow their own grapes, so we added content/imagery throughout each page that would show their authenticity in the industry. The new website design is not currently live but it will be launching in the next couple of months. So, stay tuned!

As a hardcore Office fan, who is your favorite character and why? 

If I have to pick one…Michael Scott. He’s equal parts cringy and hilarious. But he’s also the most caring boss and wants the best for his employees. The Office is just such a great show and each character has their own unique personality that adds so much to the show! If you’re a fellow Office lover, here’s a fun article on what your favorite Office character says about you. Enjoy!

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