Importance Of Website Design In Content Marketing

A web design of a website can essentially “make or break” your business. Directly or indirectly, almost everything depends upon it.

Read the following article to know more about importance of web design in content marketing.

Website Design & Content Basics

1. Cliché Is Cancer

A lot of websites try to copy web design of popular websites and post them as it is on their website. On the basic web design, they post their content, thinking it would make a difference and their brand will quickly reach the success.

The problem is that a lot of people are doing that and general public is just fed up. They want innovation – something new – something unique.

You can take inspiration from famous websites and then introduce your own innovation to grasp the minds of your potential customers.

2. Leaving Space Is Important

Your content is important. There’s no doubt about that. However, if you try to fill up all the space of your website, it will look more like a nerdy corner of academics.

A casual person visiting your website will think of your website as an amateur work. Professionalism demands leaving adequate spaces. Write content but short, to the point and meaningful so that it can have the maximum impact upon visitors.

3. User Interface Is Trump Card

That is absolutely correct. Before noticing content, the first thing any person visiting your website would notice is user interface.

If it is easy to use, good color scheme is involved and a person can easily navigate from page – page, a person will make a favorable review of your website in his sub-consciousness.

If your user interface is shabby in nature and too complicated to be used by laymen, it is not a good user interface and you need to work on your designing skills.

4. Color Strategies

Obviously content has to be written in some color. If you take care of “compare and contrast” effects, the result would be lovely. Audience will give more attention to your message. A good example is Facebook. White and Dark Blue makes most the most of web design color scheme.

5. Background Innovations

In 2018, many websites will focus upon background innovations. Shadow effects, use of large backgrounds playing a video or animations while content being loaded up on another partitioned screen are just some of brainstorming ideas, through which you can give a boost to your content marketing. You can also partition the large background into myriad screens and display your content on them.

6. Content Converted to Illustrations

A good idea to do something unique with your website is to convert your content into illustrations. In an age of today, no-one has simply enough time to read all the paragraphs. How about what you wrote in two lengthy pages, you can convey the same message in two informative illustrations?

If this is not possible, do include pictures and helpful animations side by side with content. A balanced website has all of these elements. These elements indicate the versatility of a website.

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