Good UX Design Vs Bad UX Design – How To Choose Better Practices?

Satisfying a user is an integral ambition of modern software. Multinational companies, particularly look for certain individuals who possess the technical skillset of designing an optimal “user experience.” No matter how absurd your design looks, if your user is satisfied, good work! You did your job well. The following article will help you with the tips, necessary for designing of a good UX.

Good UX Design Vs Bad UX Design – How To Choose Better Practices?

Utilizing The Gestalt Principles

The Gestalt psychology suggests that chaos or in-order is overcome by simplifying the perception. Holistically speaking, we categorize things into compartments.

When a thing is structured, it is pleasant to look at. The art of categorizing has a pleasant impact on human psychology. Use the traits of similarity, proximity, closure, connection and continuity to design a good UX.

Information Overload

Think of a buffet, in which you have open access to tons of dishes. But, you cannot eat much. Why? Because it’s human psychology that when we see too much of a thing, we get fed up.

Many designers try to formulate a user experience which contains too much information. Demarcating the subtle balance, the user feels fed up from the mobile app or the website he or she is using.

This is common sense. The small screen of user can only show so much. You don’t want to shove the information down the user’s throat. Let the user take his time by moving freely through his screen.

Elastic Scrolling

There have been reports of such design practices which make it harder to scroll down a web page. Try using the facility of “elastic scrolling” in your design.

When one comes near the end of the webpage, sometimes due to increased friction, it becomes harder to scroll. Elastic scrolling has been built for such purposes i.e. to not make a user feel frustrated.

Minimizing Pogo Stick

Most users have the habit of pogo sticking. They will click on a product to know about its information. Then they will go back to the main screen, click on the second screen and then, view the information about the second product.

This is poor designing. The goal of a good design would be to make user enjoy his/her software. What if you could place important information on primary pages?

Style Guide

The goal of any UX should be user friendly. Sometimes designers use absurd color schemes or pointless layouts, which make a user go nuts.

While it is a commendable effort to look for new ways to innovate your designs, if your design is too much complex, there is a high probability that it is not as good as you think.

The Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) provide a style guideline for development of web and mobile applications of IOS.

Speaking of visual designs, you would have to think about placement of logos, links and typography of your layout. This is much like makeup of a girl. If you do it too much, your face doesn’t get suitable for a good selfie.

Use appropriate color scheme. Think about fascinating combinations of comparing and contrasting. Don’t forget to use smart menus, in order to clarify actions.

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