the client //

ghost orchid is a group of national security and intelligence professionals, analysts, and technical experts whose mission is to completely stop human trafficking and return children to their parents.

the challenge //

human and sex trafficking is an epidemic in the u.s. ghost orchid coalition is dedicated to ending this form of modern day slavery.

their fight is the challenge.

our role was simple; give them a website design that more accurately depicts the gravity of their mission to increase donations and rescue victims.

the solution //

ghost orchid’s mission as a non-profit organization resonated with our team. our main goal was to help them raise awareness of the mission and put an end to human trafficking.

we worked with ghost orchid to create a new branding and messaging strategy that would inform the public about human trafficking victims to drive donations to their cause.

we created a new website that made it easier for donors to contribute and had built in membership capabilities. we created video content and collateral materials with purpose and authenticity to help ghost orchid amplify their mission and stories on all platforms.

Ghost Orchid Coalition