Do You Know How Local Your Local Business Is?

Drive More Business With Local SEO

Effective local SEO requires focus on a lot of areas – your site, your listings, reviews, links, and more. We may need to work on all those areas or just a couple.

Working With Symboliq  on Your Local Listing

Before we get to the next-level work, we may need to work on the basics at least a little bit. In the first few months of our working together, we’ll likely need to help you with these fundamentals:

Google My Business Optimization

We’ll make sure your Google My Business listing is problem-free, perfectly optimized, and appeals to customers. This step is crucial: if anything’s wrong with your Google My Business listing, you’re less likely to show up on the “local map.”

Citation Cleanup & Building

If your business isn’t listed on the sites Google expects to find you, you may not rank as well. The same is true if your listings have incorrect business info. We’ll spend hours fixing your incorrect listings, and creating the ones you’re missing.

Website Audit & Optimization

First, we’ll do a head-to-toe audit of your site and send you all our recommendations for technical fixes, pages to build, and other improvements. Once you’ve approved our suggestions, we’ll make the changes for you (or work with your IT team to get them done.)

Phase 2

Once we’ve built a strong foundation for your business, we’ll move on to the next stage. After we’ve done the one-time work on your website and listings, we’ll need to shift focus to the harder stuff that really sets you apart from your competitors over time. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered:

Content Creation

Your site probably doesn’t have all the content it needs to impress Google and would-be customers. You may not have all the pages you need, or they’re not focused enough, or they’re not detailed enough. We’ll help you create content that shows off your expertise, and we’ll help you revive pages that need more work. Our in-house writer will do the legwork; we’ll only ask you to fact-check the content before we publish it.

Link Research

Earning good links from other sites is one of the trickiest parts of local SEO. First, we’ll ask you some questions to understand your resources, interests, “linkable resources,” and more. Then we’ll put in the hours to research practical, high-payoff link opportunities for you.

Asset Creation

Sometimes we’ll need to create a great piece of content in order to pursue a link opportunity. We’ll create it or tap into your expertise to make it link-worthy.

Outreach & Relationship Building

Once you’ve got our suggestions for links to get, we’ll help you get those links. We’ll make connections with the right people, figure out which linkable assets to promote, send outreach emails, and we’ll give you guidance on any link suggestions that require teamwork.

World-Class Expertise

We’ll help you get more reviews from your customers. Reviews will help you rise above your competitors. We’ll develop the most-doable strategy for getting more and better reviews on the sites that count.

Local SEO is no paint-by-numbers project because every business is unique. Challenges and questions will pop up that you just can’t plan on – plus some tough issues we know you’ll encounter. We’ve probably helped a business like yours already.

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