9 Design Trends for Your Website in 2017

Getting ready to revamp your website for 2017? Or are you someone who needs a new website this year? We can help take your business to the next level with visually appealing, professional design. Take a look at these new 2017 website design trends to get an idea about what to incorporate into your website project.

2017 Design Trends to Improve Your Website

1. Gradients Are Making a Comeback

With the advent of flat design gradient were considered to be the thing of the past. But the landscape is changing. More color blurring techniques are used in design in combination with gradients. The duo-tone gradient effect is the most popular these days.

This design shift can be witnessed at many places like Instagram new logo released in late 2017 and Microsoft’s Windows 10 new release will also make use of duo-tone blurred effect.

2. Website Videos With Sound

As internet speed is rising and website load speed is continually improving, more and more people are incorporating videos on their website to give it more visual appeal. The rise of video also presents the problem of sound. So if you want to incorporate video in your website design make sure to provide a sound option that users are able to toggle on and off.

3. Immersive Content

Virtual Reality (VR) is the next big thing. In fact, technology and media companies have started making bets on the predicted rise of success in the VR industry. This immersive VR experience is also seeping into website design. You can incorporate VR into your website with the use of 360 degree videos or interactive 3D experiences. Elements of website design that will give a VR feel and take interaction a step further will be considered on-trend in 2017.

4. More Parallax

Designers are finding different ways to incorporate new movements into their websites. The parallax effect trend began in 2016 and it’s expected that 2017 will bring forward even more new concepts and impressive visuals to website design. User experience will become more enjoyable with modern website illusion effects and movements.

5. Super Simple Website Homepages

Very creative websites will make use of  only a word or two on the homepage. Most of the information for SEO purpose will be incorporated below the scroll. All of this is making design lighter and easier on the eyes.

6. Different Navigation Styles

The latest trends suggest that navigation style will be more versatile in 2017. Different navigation styles will be used. This includes new sidebar designs, drop down styles, etc. Make sure to keep the navigation user-friendly so that users respond to it intuitively. Your main navigation should be extremely clear and conscice for users. As a website design agency, we can help you choose the right navigation style for your website.

7. Tactile on the Rise

Material design bought some interesting things to the table in terms of website design language. For example, natural materials with impressive drop shadows that appear to be in a 3D space. This tactile design approach will take pace in website design because of its depth and beautiful use of natural imagery.

8. Neutral Hues

Popular color palettes are going to shift more towards natural hues. More colors will be derived from the natural, earthy tones and bright, bold colors use will be significantly reduced in use across website designs.

9. Custom Typography

Use of custom typeface is also on the rise. Designers are playing with typefaces other than the usual san serif. This is partly due to more compatibility options available in the development marketplace.

We can finally see a shift in dominance of boring, repetitive typefaces. Just make sure that while using typography style, you adhering to the principles of readability.

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