Consistency: Powerful Force in Web Design

When it comes to web design, consistency is considered a golden rule. To give a quality experience to users, it’s important that you’re consistent in both content and design of your website. Consistency is a big factor, which separates a negative experience from the positive one.

It is essential to remember that just because you know where your website content is, does not necessarily mean everybody else knows. A website that’s consistent is familiar for users and navigable easily. Users must also be able to find the information that they are looking for effortlessly.

Using Consistency in Web Design


Your website’s visual design must be consistent. Users are familiar with small details of your website. They will associate a particular color as your link color and they will come to recognize your body copy’s typeface. Thus, being consistent with every small detail won’t only contribute to a good-looking design, but it will also give you a more familiar experience for the users. The picture above shows this point perfectly. With the use of various typefaces in one area of your website, it’s not only confusing to users, but also it is an incorrect design practice. There is nothing wrong with the experimentation, yet you have to keep that coherent with your entire design.

Consistency in Elements

The elements of website are the building blocks important for websites. The patterns include the footer, header, navigation bar, and sidebar. Website elements are the website’s core framework and they must be kept in the same place for you to ensure consistent user experience. The website’s usability must be logical and it can be done with consistency.

Website Content

The content on your website must be consistent in terms of quantity, quality, mood, and tone. The users get used to the website’s tone and content. If your website’s design is laid back and funny, your writing must reflect that. The website content must also compliment and reflect the design. The content’s quality is something else you can meditate on. People visit your website because it fills a certain need they have and once your content’s quality is slipping, they will find somewhere else to fill that need. The website content you publish must be interesting and of good quality. If not, nobody will return.

The readers get used to your article’s quantity and posting schedule. They also know when they should expect for something new and it affects not only the loyalty, but also the user experience of your visitors.


Your website’s interaction must be consistent as well. Every user will pick to interact with your website in a different manner. Nevertheless, the way in which your site responds must be identical as well.

The Reasons Behind Why You Should Be Consistent

Users must feel comfortable when they visit your website. They must also feel that your website is arranged, designed, and filled with logical information that they know how to get to. Once you’re consistent, you can make your users happy that will compel them to return.

Many people notice that once you take the time to make your website user-friendly. You are positive that if keep those tips into practice, you will find it easier to retain consistent and loyal visitors.

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