the client //

Talon Premier Security is a private security contractor located in the greater Twin Cities metro area. Talon provides various security services, including physical security, executive protection, event security, school/workplace violence prevention, and more.

the challenge //

Talon Premier Security was recently taken over by new owners who wanted to launch the company successfully and generate brand awareness of their essential security officer services. However, the company was struggling with a bland image, limited online presence, and a lack of customer engagement. The new owners realized that a complete rebranding was necessary to position the company as a leader in the security services industry.

Talon Premier Security partnered with our Symboliq Media team to tackle these challenges. 

the solution //

Our team branded a fresh new look to reflect talon’s commitment to security, professionalism, and reliability. Our web designers collaborated with the Talon team to develop a new website that showcased their services, allowed for career / form website integrations, and provided a clear user journey. Our content team crafted a social media strategy that included the creation of accounts on key platforms, custom graphics, and messaging that emphasized the company’s services and expertise. We developed a blog / SEO campaign to increase searches and position Talon as an expert in the security industry. regular blog posts discussed industry trends, news, and best practices. The use of social media and blogs have allowed the Talon team to interact with clients in an informative, educational, and entertaining manner, ultimately adding authenticity and justifying Talon as a market leader. Through engagement online, they have grown as a community member and taken action on important social and civic topics.

the results //

Financially, the increased visibility allowed TPS to overcome a negative operating budget and scale to a $1.6MD firm in the course of 9 months. Much of this is attributed to increased recognition, a better online presence, and a position where our branding matches the professionalism of personnel.

The owners of Talon installed a new management team who leveraged the relationship with Symboliq to facilitate certain operational aspects. Some of those included the development of a recruitment platform on the website, which drove an increase in applicants for open requisitions. Ultimately, the increased candidate bench allowed Talon management to drive two key critical business components. 1. Fill in any open posts and or requisitions. 2. To drive growth with a sustainable pipeline of candidates to fill customer needs.

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“Symboliq media is a client-centered and focused public relations, social media, and web development team that is unmatched. The team is accessible, knowledgeable, and takes the time required to know and understand their client’s intent and objectives.” -Aaron M.

“As a business, we have had quite a hard time getting our vision conveyed to other media companies…. This was NOT the case with Symboliq Media!! Working with them is a complete pleasure! Symboliq took our vision and made it a reality!! We are beyond impressed and thrilled with the fantastic service and quality of work we have received!! We won’t be going anywhere else for all our media needs!! Thank You!!” -Stacie A.

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