the client //

prodent max is the epitome of at-home oral care. their toothpaste is composed of a blend of natural and organic ingredients like coconut, peppermint, tea tree, and myrrh to clean gums, remove stains, whiten teeth, and freshen breath.

the challenge //

prodent max came to us in need of branding, packaging, social media marketing, and a website on a tight deadline with no visual assets, copy, or content.

challenge accepted.

we knew their all natural, organic toothpaste could be an industry disrupter, and set a new standard for environmentally sustainable dental products.

the solution //

we began with branding and focused on shelf presence. we targeted individuals who care deeply about what goes into your body. the myriad of prodent max’s natural ingredients, combined with it’s unique target market, allowed us to create a clean, modern look that was applied to the product’s packaging and social channels.

finally, we built out an e-commerce website with the intent of quickly drumming up online sales to attract investors and stores interested in stocking the product such as walmart, cvs, and amazon.

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Prodent Max
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