case study //

premier group international

the client //

premier group international is an investigative and security corporation. their mission is to deliver professional executive protection and investigative services unparalleled by any other provider in the industry. they select, train and retain only the most qualified and talented personnel to deliver uncompromising results. premier group international vigilantly defends their clients, their assets, and above all else, their reputation with the utmost discretion and integrity.

the challenge //

premier group international came to us looking for a total brand overhaul. as the company began to restructure its internal workings, it was becoming apparent that its external appearance was going to need a refresh as well.

the solution //

after an in-depth sit down with the client, we determined that the best course of action was, to begin with, a rebrand, followed by a website revamp and ending with an overhaul of social content. we worked with premier group international to identify their competitors and found a unique way to market their content and present their services in a simple format that allowed first-time visitors and repeat customers alike to navigate and get answers to their questions quickly.

we're proud of what we've been able to do with our clients.