the client //

PoolSkim is an easy-to-use, no fuss pool skimmer that leaves pools clean and pristine. a powerful pool product with a simple installation, the PoolSkim usa is designed to reduce the time spent cleaning your pool and increase the time spent enjoying it.

the challenge //

We were excited to give this innovative, user-friendly product a cool, modern website reflective of the highly-rated pool cleaning system.

the solution //

Our design, development, and content teams worked closely with PoolSkim USA to create a fresh, sleek, and modern look for the website. We eliminated the original text-heavy approach, and instead used carefully crafted design, imagery, video, and layout to better communicate PoolSkim’s value.

the results //

· Better showcased PoolSkim product
· Improved the customer journey
· Decreased cart abandonment
· Increased visual imagery
· minimized text-heavy sections

· created a sizzle reel to maximize ux
  and time spent on the website
· Clarified value and messaging
· took in-house product photography
  to better display the poolskim parts





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