the client //

dank cbd was tired of low-quality cbd products flooding the market. so, they created their line of organic derived, high-quality cbd vape pens made in the usa and bursting with rich, exotic flavors.

the challenge //

dank cbd was the first brand to offer a vaporless cbd vape cartridge. their product was new and innovative, but in an oversaturated market full of imitators, they needed to ‘be heard through the noise.’

new vape brands were emerging daily as well as many new regulations on vapes. we kept up to date with the fda, and designed their social, packaging, and website to rise above the noise.

the solution //

we created a bold, memorable and purposeful mark to lift dank cbd above the competition, and designed materials for wholesale and retail shop opportunities.

we followed with a direct to consumer website and made knowledge building a central pillar of their consumer strategy. we focused on content that highlighted the health benefits of cbd, and addressed misconceptions regarding cbd products:

  • through graphics
  • website content
  • blogs
  • social media posts
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